Thursday, Sept. 20 9-9:30 a.m. Tanya Rider is seen leaving her job at Fred Meyer in Bellevue. Saturday, Sept. 22 7:44 a.m. Tom Rider calls to...

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Police departments use criteria to evaluate missing person reports. The Sheriff’s Office is no different. The purpose of the screening criteria is to expedite an investigation when foul play is suspected or the missing might otherwise be at risk. The second reason is to protect the privacy of the person purported to be “missing”. Finally, the policy is also to protect the limited resources of the Sheriff’s Office so we don’t spend time investigating cases where there is no indication of foul play and no indication of a risk to the person purported to be missing.

Here is a time line of the investigation of the disappearance of Tanya Rider. (The time line is not all-inclusive, but includes what is most germane to the incident.)

Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007

9:00 — 9:30 AM. Tanya Rider is seen leaving her job at Fred Meyer in Bellevue.

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Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007

7:44 AM. Tom Rider calls the Communications Center to report his wife as missing. He was asking about any traffic accidents that had occurred which might involve his wife. We checked, and had none, and transferred him to the Washington State Patrol so they could determine if there were any accidents on state highways were Tanya might be involved.

10:59 AM. Received a call from Tanya’s supervisor at Fred Meyer, “Roxanne”, relaying a call from Tom Rider, asking for the appropriate phone number to call. She was given our Comm Center number.

11:02 AM. Call from Tom Rider. He said Tanya was last seen at Nordstrom Rack in Factoria. Since that is in Bellevue he was transferred to Bellevue Police.

11:18 hrs. Received another call from Roxanne at Fred Meyer. She said “something’s not right with this guy’s story”, referring to Tom Rider. Since Bellevue PD had already been sent to handle the report, her call was transferred to Bellevue.

1:41 PM. Tom calls the Comm Center. Tom reports he was told by Bellevue PD that since he lives in Maple Valley the Sheriff’s Office should take the case report and “monitor the house if she returns”. Tom was told by the Call Receiver the information he had so far did not meet the criteria of the Sheriff’s Office to take a missing persons report at this time. It was suggested he call area jails and hospitals.

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2007

10:15 AM Tom Rider calls and the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center documents Tanya Rider as missing in a case report. Call receiver takes other steps with Tom Rider to find out if the new Honda had a way to be traced electronically.

Monday, Sept. 24th, 2007

8:00 AM. Major Crimes investigator reviews case and begins investigation.

9:05 AM. Investigator speaks at length with husband Tom Rider. Rider says Tanya’s bank is USAA Federal Savings Bank, but he does not have access to the account. He says Tanya has her Nordstrom’s VISA card with her, but again, he is not on the account.

9:13 AM. Investigator talks with Tanya’s supervisor at the Bellevue Fred Meyer. Tanya was last seen at the end of her shift on Thursday, Sept. 20th about 9:30 AM.

9:40 AM. Investigator was able to determine the balance in Tanya’s USAA Bank savings account was over $64,000. The investigator also spoke with an employee, who, after talking with the bank’s security department, declined to provide any information regarding the account, other than Tanya was the only person on the account, corroborating what Tom Rider had said.

10:27 AM. Investigator faxes a request on Sheriff’s Office letterhead to USAA Bank, requesting additional information on Tanya’s account, specifically any activity.

10:29 AM. Investigator calls Verizon Wireless, and is told they will not provide any information to police about a subscriber’s account or other phone information without a subpoena or a court order.

10:35 AM. Spoke with Nordstrom Visa, who confirmed Tanya is the only person on the account. The investigator was told the last activity on the account was September 20th at 10:00 AM, and the charge was a small one fitting the account holder’s pattern. Visa agreed to flag the account for further activity.

1:17 PM. Using the USAA’s automated system, found a $7.58 debit on Tanya’s checking account made today, Sept. 24th.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9:20 AM. USAA Bank indicates a $1000 transfer from Tanya’s savings to checking account, made yesterday, Sept. 24th.

12:57 PM. Sent second fax to USAA Bank requesting information on Tanya’s accounts. Marked “2nd Request” and “Missing Person Investigation”.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

8:31 AM. Investigator checked USAA Bank’s automated system and found a new debit for $20.00, posted yesterday.

8:38 AM. Tommy Rider called Investigator to inquire about any updates in the case. Tommy then volunteered he does have access to the USAA bank account after all. When asked about the discrepancy in what he originally said, he said he misunderstood because he was “so exhausted”. He reiterated however that he does not have access to the VISA card. He said he will call USAA Bank and ask that they grant Investigator full access.

9:29 AM. Investigator called Nordstrom Visa and asked for the location card activity on Sept. 20th. Visa said it was at Whole Foods in Bellevue and a Shell Station in Bellevue, although no address was listed.

9:52 AM. Investigator received a phone call from Tom Rider. He said he called USAA Bank and they declined to give the Sheriff’s Office investigator access to Tanya’s account. According to Tommy, the bank was extremely reluctant to provide any information to him, since he was “not signed up for automated access”. Apparently they did provide him with bank statements however.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

9:00 AM. Major Crimes detectives calls Verizon, and they agree to review an “Exigent Circumstances” request from the Sheriff’s Office. They faxed a form for the detective to fill out, which was returned to Verizon shortly after receipt.

10:15 AM. Detectives call Verizon back and are given the information that the last call to Tanya’s cell phone was routed through Tower 180 at 15734 — 203rd Ave SE. The radius from the tower would be three to five miles, on the SW side of the tower.

10:42 AM. Investigator called USAA Bank and found no new activity, other than a $200 withdrawal from Tom Rider.

12:30 PM. Detectives confirm with Verizon that they would fax all records on Tanya’s phone from Sept. 19th through 27th. Verizon corrected the side of the tower actually used from SW to SE, but still a three to five mile radius.

2:14 PM. Detectives locate Tanya’s vehicle down an embankment off the Maple Valley Highway (S.R. 169).

Again, this time line is not inclusive. Please see the full case report and follow-up entries in their entirety.

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