In an effort to provide readers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date news from throughout the region, The Seattle Times has forged partnerships with a number of local news Web sites.

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The Seattle Times is expanding its community partnerships with the addition of four new websites today. That brings the total number of online partners to 55. (See the complete list, along with their latest headlines.)

Partnering with The Times today are:

Humanosphere – Seattle has become a world epicenter for hundreds of humanitarian endeavors. Humanosphere covers the news on global health, poverty and inequity with passion, critical insight, irreverence and humor. The mission here is to inform, inspire and connect. Tom Paulson is founder and editor.

International Examiner – The International Examiner has been at the heart of Seattle’s diverse Chinatown/International District as a community newspaper for over 40 years. Rooted in the civil rights and Asian American movement of the Northwest, the International Examiner continues to report on neighborhood news and issues that are important to Asian Pacific Islanders. The International Examiner is the only nonprofit Pan-Asian American media outlet in the nation. Travis Quezon is editor.

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Redmond Neighborhood Blog – The Redmond Neighborhood Blog publishes stories, opinions and news about the area’s local governments, schools and neighborhoods. Redmond a fast growing urban city surrounded by parks and open spaces at the edge of Microsoft. The editor is Bob Yoder.

Seattle Greenlaker – The Seattle Greenlaker is a community site that covers the news, culture and lifestyle of the unique Green Lake neighborhood. The site is for anyone that enjoys spending time here–whether it is for a day, or as their home. Seattle Greenlaker explores the area’s events, the park, people and history written by Green Lake-based contributors. The site is designed and edited by Mike Lemmon and Sarah Lemmon.

The Times’ effort to build community-news relationships began in August 2009 with the launch of the Networked Journalism project. In 2010, this project helped The Times win the fourth annual Associated Press Managing Editors’ Innovator of the Year award.

By partnering with these quality local sites, the Times can provide its readers with more links to important coverage about both neighborhoods and general interest topics. In return, the partners receive increased traffic and exposure.

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