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The debates are done, the last ads cut. Many of you have already voted.

So what’s left of Election 2013 but some sign waving before the Seahawks game? Nothing but testing your knowledge of the election’s lowest lowlights and oddest oddballs in our annual election quiz (answer key at the end).

1. Complete this quote from Seattle mayoral candidate Ed Murray: “I think there are more serious things in this race than the fact I didn’t know ____.”

a) what was in my own gun legislation.

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b) that I had a parking ticket.

c) that the campaign committee I oversaw embezzled the money we needed to control the state Senate.

2. What were “Peace Bricks?”

a) An ill-fated plan from Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to provide May Day protesters Styrofoam blocks to throw at police.

b) An ill-fated McGinn plan to melt guns into plaques with peaceful inscriptions.

c) An ill-fated McGinn plan to smooth City Council relations with pickup basketball games.

3. Back to Murray’s parking tickets. What was the public’s reaction to news he beat two tickets by pleading ignorance — by saying he either didn’t know he’d gotten one or didn’t know he’d parked illegally?

a) outrage

b) disbelief

c) If he’s elected mayor, I’m definitely trying that one.

4. Who did Seattle Port Commissioner John Creighton call “morons with an agenda?”

a) His fellow commissioners, for voting themselves a 600 percent pay raise just before Moody’s warned about the Port’s poor financial outlook.

b) The Seattle Times, for reporting that another Port commissioner had a warrant out for his arrest.

c) The Port longshoremen, for holding up a $2 billion tunnel project over four jobs.

5. In crafting an inspirational TV ad, which of the following “I believe” statements did Mayor McGinn not make?

a) I believe in public toilets.

b) I believe in food trucks.

c) I believe in filling potholes.

d) I believe in Russell Wilson.

6. How much of the financial support for Tim Eyman’s Initiative 517 came from Washington state citizens?

a) All of it. Because that’s who is crying out for change in the initiative process — local citizens.

b) 4.6 percent.

7. How much did Washington state citizens contribute to the $22 million campaign against GMO-labeling Initiative 522 — making it the richest initiative campaign in state history?

a) All $22 million, setting a record for citizen involvement in local democracy.

b) $550.

Match the deeds to the political players listed below:

8) Posted a holiday photo of a lingerie-clad woman on all fours with the caption: “Merry Christmas, y’all.”

9) Posted a photo of a woman costumed as a huge male sex organ and asking if it made her “rights look bigger.”

10) Shouted “this is worse than Nazi Germany!” at the news his city was amending its public commenting procedures.

11) Has run for public office eleven times, always losing.

12) Declared himself a communist, which, with all the socialists running this year, does make him stand out.

a) Port Commission candidate Richard Pope

b) Port Commission candidate John Naubert

c) Burien City Councilman Jack Block, Jr.

d) Seattle City Council candidate Sam Bellomio

e) Burien City Council candidate Lauren Berkowitz

13. Why did fans of the departed Sonics basketball team endorse the socialist for Seattle City Council, Kshama Sawant?

a) Because nothing is more socialistic than the business of pro sports.

b) Because no one has been victimized by the capitalist class more than Sonics fans.

c) Because her opponent, Richard Conlin, voted against using tax dollars to subsidize an arena.

14. In an ad on Craigslist, how much did the Sawant campaign initially offer to pay door knockers to promote her push for the $15-an-hour minimum wage?

a) $15 an hour, of course.

b) A “piece rate” of 25 cents per door.

c) $10 an hour.

15. And finally, a website in New York City, which is having its own mayoral race, summed up Seattle’s political scene this year with what headline?

a) “In Seattle: Even the Gay Candidate is Dull.”

b) “In Seattle: Liberal Peas in a Pod.”

c) “In Seattle: More Progressives, Less Sexting.”

Answers: 1) b. 2) b. 3) be honest, it’s probably c. 4) b. 5) c. 6) b. 7) b. 8) c. 9) e (what’s the deal with Burien?) 10) d. 11) a. 12) b. 13) c. 14) c. 15) c.

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