After embarrassment, Seattle finds public toilet that’s just right

Seattle officials hope to buy and install a new public toilet in Pioneer Square by the end of this year. An earlier proposal called for a developer to purchase the restroom, but that pact fell through.

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Latest US proposal for ethanol could have political fallout

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration's latest plan on ethanol, the corn-based renewable fuel, probably will not have a major effect on pump prices, but could have political reverberations in Iowa and other farm states in the 2016 presidential campaign. Under the proposed rule announced Friday, the amount of ethanol in the gasoline supply would...

School testing bill appears to be dead in the Washington state Senate

OLYMPIA — The state Senate does not appear likely to consider a bill that would temporarily eliminate the need to pass a science test to graduate from high school. The House overwhelmingly approved the measure on Wednesday, with lawmakers saying they expected it to pass the Senate as well. But the Senate voted Thursday morning...

Alaska governor tours Shell oil rig in Seattle

The governor of Alaska on Wednesday toured a massive oil drill rig parked on Seattle's waterfront then met with Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee to tell him that Washington's position on future Arctic drilling will hurt the economy of Alaska.

State House passes testing reform, change in grad requirements

OLYMPIA — The state House of Representatives on Wednesday advanced a dramatic change in Washington's high-school graduation requirements. House Bill 2214, which would need to pass the Senate on Thursday or die when the special session ends, would temporarily eliminate the need to pass a science test for graduation. This year's high-school seniors would be...