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Drivers in five more Seattle neighborhoods will have to pay for curbside parking until 8 p.m., as the city adjusts its meter network through the end of this year.

The changes are meant to follow demand — the rates rise when surveys show that more than 85 percent of spaces on a street are full. The city’s stated goal is to cause greater parking turnover in front of retail businesses, so that one or two spaces are open per block. Parking income has been increasing as well.

The locations are:

• 12th Avenue alongside Seattle University;

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• Cherry Hill around Swedish Medical Center;

• Fremont just north of the bridge;

• Ballard retail core, including Northwest Market Street;

• Green Lake retail and apartment cluster, northeast of the lake.

Four of these spots are in the midst of housing and restaurant growth, while the city says Cherry Hill has seen increased parking shortages for hospital employees or visitors. Already, night fees are charged in 12 of 32 parking zones.

Also, the Seattle Department of Transportation is boosting meter fees at the Ballard Locks to a $2 summer rate, to drop back to $1 in October.

Mary Catherine Snyder, city parking strategist, said that as aging pay stations are replaced with newer technology, the city will use differential morning and afternoon rates in some locations.

The first such change is due for October within Pioneer Square, where rates will be $3 mornings and $4 afternoons in the core area, and 50 cents less a couple blocks out. Cost in the core of the Chinatown International District will rise in November to $3 daytime, then fall to $1.50 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Eight areas will have higher meter rates, and five will have lower rates.

The new price to park in the Pike-Pine area above I-5 will rise to $2.50 per hour this month. South Lake Union parking will rise 50 cents, to become $2 an hour in the two-hour and 10-hour spots, which are 100 percent full.

Some areas experience greater than 100 percent occupancy because cars cram together, or park illegally near hydrants or stop signs.

The rates for the periphery of the University District and Ballard, where fewer than 60 percent of spaces are occupied, will be reduced, to $1 per hour.

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