sketchersoapboxcar632.jpg10:58 a.m.
Between soapbox-car races, a frog-jumping contest and a cherry-pit-spitting contest, I didn’t know what to draw first at Saturday’s Kla Ha Ya Days festival in Snohomish this morning. Nine year-old Simeon Freund, a second-time participant in the soapbox derby, struck a pose in his 1940s-inspired car minutes before I had to run down First Avenue to catch some frog action.
12:24 p.m.
Thanks to Bryan Gregory, 16, I got a close look at one of the frogs brought for the event. Gregory’s first stuffed animal when he was 5 was a frog, he explained. He knew what he was doing. Just like Sienna Dilling, 3, who was confidently spraying one with water to make it jump. “She needs a nap now,” her parents said after cheering her performance.
The festival continues today with a classic and custom car show.