Lynnwood monday: Police responded to an assault involving a father and son in the 6300 block of Dale Way. Sunday: A woman...

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Monday: Police responded to an assault involving a father and son in the 6300 block of Dale Way.

Sunday: A woman reported her prescription drugs were taken from a lock box in her vehicle, in the 19500 block of Highway 99.

Saturday: A male who appeared intoxicated in the 16800 block of Highway 99 was released to his father.

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Friday: A purse was stolen from a car in the 3000 block of 184th Street Southwest while its owner stood on the other side the car.

Friday: A car windshield was broken by a baseball in the 3000 block of 184th Street Southwest.

Thursday: A juvenile was arrested for reckless burning in the 19900 block of 52nd Place West.

Thursday: Employees of businesses in the 16600 block of Highway 99, 18500 block of 33rd Avenue West, 16400 block of 36th Avenue West, 2100 block of 196th Street Southwest, 21200 block of 52nd Avenue West, 3600 block of 164th Street Southwest and 19600 block of Highway 99 were cited for selling liquor to a minor.

Thursday: A 17-year-old boy reported somebody broke into his car at Alderwood mall, taking $400 worth of items and causing $600 in damage to his ignition. Officers learned a 1992 Honda that had been parked nearby had been stolen.

Thursday: A mountain bike was reported stolen from a thrift store in the 17200 block of Highway 99.

Thursday: Sears reported the shoplifting of a $500 toolbox at Alderwood mall.

Thursday: The taillight lenses were removed from 10 work trucks in the 6700 block of 212th Street Southwest.

Thursday: A kiosk employee at Alderwood mall reported an assault by another kiosk worker.

Thursday: A 14-year-old boy was arrested in the 19700 block of 48th Avenue West for a liquor violation.


Monday: An officer responded to a complaint of a male standing outside an apartment window in the 4100 block of 236th Street Southwest and found a 15-year-old boy who claimed he was looking for his cat. The officer, who did not believe the boy, chatted with him about his life and asked the boy to give his father the policeman’s business card.

Monday: A 23-year-old woman called 911 while yelling at her boyfriend about her car keys. When an officer arrived, the couple were hugging on the sidewalk in the 22200 block of 56th Avenue West. She explained her boyfriend had refused to give her the keys because he thought she was drunk.

Monday: Neighbors reported concerns about a pet cat with severe facial injuries, in the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest.

Monday: A 56-year-old man returned from vacation to find his $1,000 Dell computer and about 20 DVDs were missing from his home in the 4600 block of 217th Street Southwest. He’d left his keys with a co-worker. About 10 minutes after he called her with news of the theft, she called back and invited him to pick up his laptop. Police list her 18-year-old son as a suspect.

Monday: A woman and her daughter went to the Police Department to report the teen was afraid to go back to Lynnwood High School due to harassment and attacks by a 16-year-old girl.

Sunday: An unknown incendiary device was thrown at the windshield of a 1988 car behind a home in the 5000 block of 238th Place Southwest. It cracked the windshield, then melted a 6-inch hole in the glass, burned the dashboard and burned itself up.

Saturday: Three people were seen running from an apartment building shortly before a homemade device was found pouring smoke into a hallway outside a unit occupied by a 66-year-old transsexual. She told police she was been harassed repeatedly in recent months, with “tranny” painted on her car and eggs thrown at her door.

Saturday: A 50-year-old man called police to his home in the 5700 block of 239th Street Southwest and accused his neighbor of smearing feces on his garage doors. When contacted, the apparently intoxicated neighbor denied knowledge of the feces. The accused man and his wife said the neighbor has a history of false accusations.

Saturday: Police stopped a car in the 6500 block of 208th Street Southwest for speeding at 61 miles per hour, twice the legal limit. Its 19-year-old female driver, who tried to flee on foot, was arrested for drunken driving and driving with a suspended license. A search of the car turned up a methamphetamine pipe and a cigarette box containing heroin. When the car’s passenger asked police for her cigarettes, she was cited for heroin possession.

Friday: A 16-year-old Lynnwood boy was found unconscious on a sidewalk in the 22900 block of 41st Place Southwest. He emitted a strong odor of alcohol, and when awakened he told ambulance workers he also had consumed the drug Ecstasy. He was taken to a hospital and his mother was notified.

Friday: A large amount of garbage, including a car seat, a tire with its rim and shelving, were dumped in an apartment dumpster in the 4300 block of 236th Street Southwest. Included was mail belonging to people who live in a Lynnwood apartment.

Friday: Police cited a 20-year-old man for shoplifting a large deli sandwich and two bottles of juice from Albertsons, in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. When found nearby, eating the sandwich, he told police he was just really hungry. He was released to his mother, who said she stopped feeding him a year ago in hopes he would get a job.

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