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This year, The Seattle Times is taking coverage of religion in a new direction. We plan to integrate more stories and news developments about faith and values into the regular daily news product.

This is the final Saturday Faith & Values column. The five writers who have contributed to the column will continue to offer their expertise on our coverage of faith and values.

In today’s column, each of those writers provides some final inspiration and thanks readers for all the feedback they have offered.

Patricia Hunter: It has been a joy and a privilege to share my faith and thoughts with those who read The Seattle Times.

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God is always moving and doing new things. This chapter of writing for The Seattle Times has closed, and I eagerly await the next public opportunity to share my faith.

As you go through inevitable changes in your life — some good, some bad, know that God always walks with you. Keep God as your first priority and remember we are our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers. May God’s love, joy, peace and mercy be with you all.

Aziz Junejo: My thanks to The Seattle Times and its readers for allowing a Muslim’s perspective. I promoted peace and condemned terrorism in all its forms.

Your willingness to read my columns and respond with openness made me realize we have more in common than not, a gift I will always cherish. When we open our minds to learn about our fellow citizens’ faiths and beliefs, we become better Americans. I will miss our Saturdays together.

Jodi Detrick: Even knowing that nothing (in this life, anyway) lasts forever, there’s still a lump in my throat as I write this note of farewell to the readers of the Faith & Values column. But exceeding the sadness is my gratitude that I’ve had this incredible privilege. To have a voice for issues of faith here in the Pacific Northwest — to write about things that matter and what it means for a very fallible human to learn to trust in a very faithful Jesus — wow, what a true God-adventure!

So, F&V friends, keep trusting forward. My word count is up, but my prayers, best wishes and blessings go with you all!

Mark Glickman:
I hope that I’ve lovingly and accurately represented Judaism and the Jewish people; I hope that my words have been worth your time; and perhaps most of all, I hope at least some tidbit of my many columns has stuck with you, so that the legacy of my words can be lasting and good.

It’s been a privilege to share this space with my colleagues, Aziz Junejo, Father Patrick Howell, the Revs. Jodi Detrick and Patricia Hunter. Writing this column has challenged us all to be ourselves, and to be ourselves gently. Writing honestly from one’s own religious tradition in a way that’s respectful and of value is really difficult, but the wisdom and artistry of my colleagues reminds us how wonderfully it can still be done.

We humans vary so greatly from one another, and we’re all so similar, too. May God continue to bless us with awe for what makes us different, joy for the humanity we share, and hope for the better tomorrow we can build together. Shalom.

Pat Howell: I have been privileged, dear reader, over the past nine years to share with you some thoughts and insights on prayer, spirituality, religious life, the Catholic Church and ecumenical dialogue.

God’s grandeur cannot be boxed in or reduced to formulae. And so, since we are all children of the one God, we’re called on to be reconciling communities of faith to build a world of peace. God’s peace, God’s shalom.

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