Excerpts from Rebecca Griego's petition for an order of protection against Jonathan Rowan, dated March 6. Describe the most recent incident...

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Describe the most recent incident or threat of violence and date:

3/6/07 — Phone call to place of work threatening to always be in contact with me and my dog. He then called my sister and threatened her physical safety and that of her dogs.

Second week of February 2007 — Called me and threatened suicide. He has done this once before with me (about 6 months ago). Told me it was because he couldn’t see me. I never called him back. He left numerous “last word” messages.

1.5 years ago — He was drunk and tried to push me out of the room we were fighting in and slammed my ankle in the door.

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Describe the past incidents where you experienced violence, where you were afraid of injury or where the respondent threatened to harm or kill you:

1/5/07 — I came home and he was drunk (alcoholic). We were sharing a residence at the time. He first verbally abused me and then started throwing candlestick glass holders at me and then tackled me to the floor and punched me. I forgave him because he was drunk but now I see that was wrong and he has threatened to hurt me again.

3/6/07 — Respondent called place of work and told me to look over my shoulder. He then called my sister and said same to her and her dogs. He is now on the run. He robbed his current roommates this morning and called me to tell me I cannot find him but he can find me (knows my place of work) and to look over my shoulder because I would see him again.

If you are requesting that the protection order last longer than one year, describe the reasons why:

He has proven to be mentally unstable. I don’t trust him, and he has threatened to hurt me and my family. He is on the run … and I don’t see that changing.

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