There were restraining orders against John McKay, the man who went on a shooting rampage in Renton and Issaquah on Saturday. He had pleaded guilty earlier this year to harassment and domestic-violence charges and was embroiled in a lawsuit with a bank over his used-car business.

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Tina McKay was so terrified of her estranged husband that she alerted neighbors to call the police if they ever saw him near her home.

“She described him to me,” said Adrian Hagan, who lives next door. “She told me two weeks ago that she was scared of him.”

On Saturday, John McKay proved her fears were justified.

The 48-year-old Renton man pulled up to the two-story duplex with a handgun. Police say he pistol-whipped two people in the house and shot a third person, a man. McKay then drove to his former mother-in-law’s home nearby and shot her, police say.

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Police later found McKay in his rented car, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Both of McKay’s shooting victims remained hospitalized Sunday.

A restraining order was issued against McKay in King County District Court in May, after Tina McKay reported he threatened to kill her, her children and the rest of her family. “He told me to go ahead and get a restraining order,” she wrote. “It can’t stop a bullet.”

McKay was embroiled in a lawsuit over a used-car dealership he operated in Renton. The bank claimed McKay and his partners owed more than $163,000. King County Superior Court granted a temporary restraining order to prevent McKay from selling his inventory.

McKay pleaded guilty to felony harassment and domestic violence in June. Last month, he pleaded guilty to malicious mischief. In both cases, the court issued no-contact orders against McKay and banned him from possessing firearms.

Tina McKay said her estranged husband didn’t know where she was living, Hagan said. On Sunday, several neighbors gathered outside Tina McKay’s rented home, in a neat neighborhood of identical white buildings with tile roofs. The glass door to the second-story patio was shattered and bullet scars pocked the front of the house.

Neighbors said Tina McKay moved in about a year ago with her daughter and her daughter’s young child. The daughter’s boyfriend also lives at the house.

The man who was shot during McKay’s rampage had run into Martinez’s yard and collapsed on the back porch. Medics treated him there. Martinez was left to clean up the blood stains.

Tina McKay’s mother, Linda Ryan, 67, lives 15 minutes away in unincorporated King County, near Issaquah. On Sunday, the neighborhood was quiet, as people raked and blew leaves from their expansive lawns. Yury Colton, who lives across the street from the Ryans, was pulling out of his driveway on his bike Saturday when McKay drove up.

Colton waved, and McKay said hello. Colton didn’t see McKay kick in the door, but he heard the gunshots and took cover in some bushes. He could see McKay chase Ryan into her backyard and shoot her several times.

When McKay left, Colton rushed to the fallen woman and called for help. “I put my hand on her back and let her know who it was,” he said. “I was on the phone with the 911 operator.”

Ryan was in satisfactory condition at Harborview Medical Center on Sunday. Colton said he heard from her family that she was already up on her feet. “She’s going to be fine.”

It was late Saturday before police found McKay dead in his car in the 13000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.

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