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‘A feeling of pride’: Cleveland High School war memorial — a forest in Issaquah — is rededicated

Bernie Moskowitz, center, gives Cleveland High seniors Jeffrey Beasley, left, Ke’Monie Newton (CQ) and Derrick Winston, holding the striped end (not in the frame) instructions on folding and presenting the flag.
 At right is the chair of the Cleveland High alumni association, John Barton.  Moskowitz led the ceremony.

instructions on folding and presenting the flagMemorial Forest ceremony
honoring fallen alums from the school.
Memorial Day annual event.
Ceremony to rededicate the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest, purchased during WWII to honor fallen classmates.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The school’s alumni who died in wars are remembered in words and deed Friday, as classmates place a monument amid the beauty of a forest purchased just for them during World War II.  VIEW

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