Seattle lawyer Anne Bremner twice called 911 to report a flat tire — about 11 miles from where she eventually was pulled over and arrested for DUI nearly an hour later on June 4.

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Seattle lawyer Anne Bremner twice called 911 to report a flat tire — about 11 miles from where she eventually was pulled over and arrested for DUI nearly an hour later.

Both calls, at 11:12 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. June 3, were made from Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, though Bremner told dispatchers she didn’t know where she was, according to recordings released Tuesday by the King County Sheriff’s Office.

In the second call, the sound of a flat tire can be heard thumping before she pulls over to take the AAA phone number from a dispatcher.

Both tapes were among the slew of material released — including unredacted police reports and several videos. Bremner on Friday had released a heavily redacted copy of the Sheriff’s Office report.

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Originally, Bremner, 52, pleaded not guilty and tried to seal the records relating to her arrest, saying they invaded her privacy, could hurt her reputation and were not of interest to the public. She said she had been a victim of a hit-and-run accident and suffered a brain injury that mimicked the signs of alcohol impairment.

According to a follow-up investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, the damage to Bremner’s car was consistent with driving over a curb and the car did not show signs of being involved in a hit and run.

Last week, Bremner reversed course and pleaded guilty to the DUI in King County District Court in Shoreline. She was sentenced to two days in jail, fined $5,000 and ordered to have an ignition lock installed in her car.

Bremner was arrested shortly after midnight June 4 after Deputy Brandon Moen saw her driving on a flat tire in the 8000 block of Bothell Way Northeast. About 15 minutes earlier, a motorist had called 911 to report a car with a flat tire driving about 45 to 50 mph on Lake City Way Northeast near Northeast 145th Street.

According to officers’ reports, Bremner was slurring her speech and was unsteady on her feet before her arrest. Afterward, she was “argumentative,” “belligerent” and “obnoxious,” according to documents released by the Sheriff’s Office.

She told Moen she was an attorney for the Seattle Police Department and that Moen had a “bad attitude” and would not “go far” in his career, police reports say.

She also said to various deputies: “I will sue your ass,” “I’m famous. It’ll be bad for you guys,” “You can’t arrest me. I represent Seattle and King County. You are making a mistake,” and “I represent you guys. Come on, take me home,” according to documents.

When told she was going to be arrested, Bremner said she was not an “animal” and did not belong in a cell, the reports indicate.

Once in the precinct holding cell, according to the police reports, she pounded on the door and yelled “somebody help me” and “let me out right now.” She lay on the bench and “cried hysterically,” police said.

“It was so obnoxious that I went and found Officer Moen and told him she needed to go to jail right now,” wrote the arresting officer’s supervisor, Kevin Johannes.

As she was being driven to the King County Jail, Bremner called Moen a liar, the Sheriff’s Office reports say. She began “hitting her head” on the plastic partition between the front and back seats in the police cruiser, apparently upset the deputy “wasn’t responding to her comments,” the reports say.

Bremner could not be reached for comment, but at her court hearing last week, she apologized for her mistake and vowed never to drink and drive again.

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