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We’ve launched improved commenting and registration systems across We’re excited about the changes, and we hope our devoted commenting community feels the same way. Here’s the scoop, in Q&A format:

Will I have to sign up for a new account?

No, but you will have to log in again using your existing user name and password. The “log in” link is located right above the window where you type your comment.

Must I have a digital or print subscription to comment on a story?

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No, but having one would make it easier to access the comment threads via stories and blog posts.

You’re not adopting Facebook commenting, are you?

No. We gave that a limited tryout a couple of years ago and it didn’t work for us. We’re using a system from a company called Livefyre.

What’s so great about the new commenting system?

In addition to being on a more stable platform, we think it has a lot of features you’ll enjoy. Here are a few of them:

  • You have up to five minutes to edit your post after you’ve submitted it.
  • You can reply to individual comments in threaded discussions branching off from the main thread.
  • There’s real-time notification of new posts within the thread, and you don’t have to reload the whole page to see the new comments.
  • There are better options for flagging abusive posts.
  • There’s a better filter aimed at keeping spam off the threads.
  • No more need to type in a security code when submitting your post.

What other things are different from the old commenting system?

  • The “thumbs up, thumbs down” options are gone. Instead, there’s a new “like” button. In addition to being able to sort comments by oldest and newest, you can view the most-liked comments in each thread.
  • Your previous comments in the old system will not show up in the “commenting history” section of your public profile page, but they will remain on the comment threads they were originally posted on. Your total comments count will be displayed on your new profile page; this count will include your previous comments from the old system.
  • All comment threads previously closed automatically after 72 hours. Now they will not close except in special cases where we think it’s a good idea to do so.

Are any of the commenting rules changing?

Nope, that part stays the same. We actively cultivate a constructive commenting environment by removing comments and banning users according to our rules. Read the FAQ.

What about the new login system?

You will be able to combine or link your comment and subscriber logins. And you will no longer have to log in twice – your login will be recognized as you move between commenting on articles, accessing content on and managing your subscription.

To comment on these changes, go here. Alternatively, you can go here to send us a private note about the changes.

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