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Here’s a look at terms being considered in a final installment of a move to revise more than 3,500 Washington state statutes to make them gender-neutral:

Brakeman: brake operator

Chairmanship: position of chair

Dairymen: dairy farmers

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Draughtsman: drafter

Ex-servicemen: add “or ex-servicewomen”

Fireman (The 2007 bill took care of the firefighters who work for fire departments and put out fires. This fireman reference is for railway employees who tend fires in steam engines): fire tender

Fisherman/fishermen: fisher

Flagman: flagger

Foreman/foremen: jury foreperson

Freshman/freshmen: first-year student

Gripman: grip operator

Journeyman: journey level

Longshoremen: longshore workers

Man’s cause: person’s cause

Man’s past: humankind’s past

Materialmen’s: material suppliers

Motorman: motor operator

Nurseryman/nurserymen: nursery operator

Ombudsman/ombudsmen: ombuds

Penmanship: handwriting

Prudent man or woman: prudent person

Ranchmen: ranchers

Signalman: signal operator

Sportsmanlike: sporting

Sportsmanship: sporting/hunting behavior

Sportsmen: sports/outdoor enthusiast

Stream patrolman: stream patroller

Treaty Indian fisherman: treaty Indian fisher

Watchmen: security guards

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