CORRECTION: Super Bowl baby boom story | FYI Guy

CORRECTION: Due to a miscalculation in the FYI Guy column posted Feb. 8, the due dates of babies conceived on the date of the Seattle Seahawks' 2014 Super Bowl victory fall in late October 2014 -- not in November, as reported, suggesting a downtick. October 2014 births in King County saw a slight uptick over...


Oregon halts sale of pesticide used to grow marijuana

The Oregon Department of Agriculture says the product, Guardian, identifies itself as 100 percent natural, and lists its active ingredients as cinnamon oil and citric acid. A state lab, however, found the presence of abamectin, a widely used insecticide.


Did a meteorite kill man in India? Scientists study object recovered from crater

NEW DELHI (AP) — Scientists are analyzing a small blue object that plummeted from the sky and killed a man in southern India, after authorities said it was a meteorite. The object slammed into the ground at an engineering college over the weekend, shattering a water cooler and sending splinters and shards flying. Police say...


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