Here is the e-mail from a staff member at the Washington State Labor Council that prompted Democratic leaders to kill a labor-backed bill and turn the e-mail over to authorities for investigation. The Seattle Times redacted a list of phone numbers contained in the e-mail before posting it online.

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Subject: RE: Strategy Call on Worker Privacy Act Legislation

Brothers and Sisters,

Just a quick update on where we are on the Worker Privacy Act:


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Great leadership call yesterday where folks agreed that we would
push for passage in the House this week and then call for a union
president meeting with the Governor and the Majority Leader of the
Senate to move the bill through the rest of the process


Union leaders would send a message to the State Democratic party
and to the Truman and Roosevelt funds from the House and Senate that
“not another dime from labor” until the Governor signs the Worker
Privacy Act.


To date the Governor has received 2,247 contacts on the bill;
the Speaker of the House has received 236 contacts from his
constituents; and the Majority Leader has received 275 contacts from her
constituents; [all of these numbers are minimums – there are a number of
contacts that we have not been able to log, e.g., the State Democratic
party did a 100,000 piece e-mail last Friday and we know that over
11,000 folks downloaded the piece but they have no way of knowing how
many followed through with contacts].


The Governor, the Speaker and the Majority Leader met this
morning. While we don’t have a report back yet we do have a meeting with
the Speaker at 4:00 pm this afternoon. It is our hope that the Speaker
will run the bill as the last bill on the floor tonight or tomorrow


See attached letter from Scott Carson of Boeing dated March 9 to
the Governor, Speaker and Majority Leader. He is now dubbing the bill
the “neutrality bill”. Just another move to try and conflate our bill
with the Cedilla bill which was struck down by the US Supreme Court last

I will try and send another update later tonight. Keep the calls into
the three leaders coming.

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