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2012: Flying inverted in the foreground, aerobatic Pilot Sean D. Tucker flies his Oracle Challenger III with Blue Angel pilots Lt. Dave Tickle in #6 and Lt. C. J. Simonsen in #5, center, over the Seattle skyline. Tucker, the Blue Angel team and other aerobatic aircraft will perform over Lake Washington Saturday and Sunday. Tucker will do a practice show tomorrow. Photographer Greg Gilbert has flown several times in a chase plane alongside Tucker and the Blue Angels in order to photograph them before their Seafair performances. Gilbert talks about his experiences photographing from the Oracle chase plane below.

In 2005, a representative from Team Oracle aerobatic team called the
Seattle Times, wanting to know if there was a photographer who would be interested in flying over downtown Seattle skyline to photograph their plane and two two Blue Angel jets flying over the city skyline. Another Times
photographer was first asked, but he said he had kids at home and didn’t want to fly
in a chase plane. He suggested me and I grabbed it at the chance!

I flew in the Oracle chase plane, piloted by Brian Norris, as Oracle aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker flew with Blue Angel planes #5 and #6. It took a lot of coordination, but the photo
turned out as the two Blue Angels and Tucker flew by the Space Needle.

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