Let's get the party started with Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti!

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THIS IS about as good as summer’s going to get up here in our little pocket of the country, and the Goddess is stoked. It’s playtime! Perhaps we’ll stay in the pool until our fingers wrinkle like little prunes, or maybe we’ll (shudder) go camping under the twinkly stars and eat s’mores (now you’re talkin’). In the words of the late, really great Nat King Cole, let’s roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Let’s start with crazy

For that you would do quite nicely with a “life-size” Bigfoot in your front yard or otherwise tasteful garden. Officially, he is Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti, so we know that he does like garden surroundings. The Goddess has yet to see a Bigfoot in nature, so she is uncertain whether this nearly 6-foot-tall version is lifesized at all. (Careful leg placement also prevents confirmation of “he” status.) Weighs 147 pounds, costs $2,250, not to mention shipping.

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Don’t need one? The fine folks at Skymall will put you over: “With his characteristically big feet, Garden Yeti will have guests doing a double-take as they admire your creative home or garden style! … captured for Toscano in quality designer resin and hand-painted for startling realism.”

There are smaller sizes, not near as damaging to one’s wallet and heart: Garden Yeti large (28.5 inches tall), $125, and medium (21 inches) $89.95.

One wonders why Mr. Yeti bears a striking resemblance to “The Wizard of Oz” flying monkeys. A cousin, perhaps? You scoff, but he’s a Design Toscano best-seller. Available everywhere. Design Toscano, Skymall, Amazon.com, Home Depot, Sears, for starters. www.designtoscano.com (where you will also find Hanging Jungle Monkey, $125).

And move on to lazy

Don’t you just hate it when that cute little taco you took great pains to build just flops over like a dead fish the moment you put it on your plate? I thought so. This one’s for you.

Taco plate. You need it. The folks at Jarratt Industries in Fayetteville, Ark., are here to fill your taco needs with plates that hold three tacos upright, hard or soft. Taco Plate is grease and stain resistant, and that’s gonna come in handy at fiesta time. Dishwasher and microwave safe. $4 a plate, free shipping(!), comes in colors. www.jarrattindustries.com, www.amazon.com, other places.

And wrap up with hazy

We cannot enjoy the crazy or the lazy if chores and bugs are, well, buggin’ us, leaving us in a haze of angst and frustration, now, can we? Certainly not! Solutions:

Flings Bins Pop-Up Recycling Bins. Store flat, snap open, stand upright, hold 60 cans or bottles. Cinch shut, cart off. Reusable. No more trash bags schlumped in the corner, garbage cans in the middle of your party. Come in cheerful prints (BBQ, gingham, birthday, celebration, holidays) and solid colors. About $3.99 each. The Container Store, Amazon.com., Party @ Display & Costume, Party For Less in Kirkland and various Party City stores. www.flingsbins.com.

• Bugs get you, you fight back. Therapik. Relieves pain/itch from stings and bites of 20,000 species of insects and sea creatures (imagine!). Safe for kids. The FDA says it works. How? Therapik delivers heat in the precise range necessary to deactivate venom. Small, lightweight, battery-powered. Sells for $12.95. Find it at www.therapik.com,www.drleonards.comor Walmart.

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