A tent that you would swear is a 1965 VW Camper Van and a pool for the baby crowd.

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Have you remembered to go outside and play, as Goddess commanded weeks ago? Be you 4, 14, 44 or 84, play is good and good for you. Today we offer amusements for both girls and boys. No batteries required. No technological skill. Just your imagination and some spare time. Who was it who said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”?

Oh yeah, Plato.

Surf’s up, campers

Won’t you be the hit of the campground (or perhaps Burning Man) nestled inside your 1965 VW Camper Van Exact Scale Replica Tent? Yes, you most certainly will.

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One Mr. Philip Tinsley of Warehouse USA in Fort Worth, Texas, assures Goddess that tent is easy to set up. Comes with everything you need. “Quite frankly, popping it up is idiot-proof!” says ad copy.

Tents sleep four in two inner rooms. Generous height makes it possible to stand up inside. Waterproof. (Mr. Tinsley reports that his tents are made in same factory as those from North Face.) Comes in red, light blue, $489.

But, wait, there’s more. VW Camper Van Play Tents. “Just what every hip and happening kid needs this summer.” Modeled after same iconic 1965 split-screen VW camper van. Side-entry door, Velcro roll-up windows. Ready for adventure. Expeditions. Indoors and out. Packs into “stylish-and-easy-to-store” VW Wheel Bag. Holds three kids: 21 inches wide by 65 inches long by 30 inches tall. Fire retardant, waterproof. Blue, pink, red, $62.99. Find at themonsterfactoryusa.com, www.perpetualkid.com, www.bedbathandbeyond.com, www.amazon.com.

For the little squirts

Take a good, hard look at that gooey, giggly baby you’ve got there. Maybe you have the next Michael Phelps on your hands. Or Missy Franklin. Get the little flipper in the pool, perhaps with something fun, say the Li’l Squirt Baby Wading Pool by OneStepAhead! Cheerful blue plastic tide pool and (best part) little sprays of water to splash in and explore. What baby would not enjoy a refreshing splash about before sipping enjoying a frosty beverage on a warm day? (Goddess knows this baby would.) Turn hose up to make fountains flow higher. “Pat-mat” area with floating 3D fish. For ages 12 months and up, $22.95. www.onestepahead.com,www.amazon.com.

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