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Welcome to our annual Architecture issue. Goddess turns to Frank Lloyd Wright for our Weekly Pearl of Wisdom (Goddess does so love pearls!). Says Frank: “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”

Gotta have soul.

The art of architecture

Unlimited Digital Access. $1 for 4 weeks.

If Frank L. is to be believed, the mother art is (or was before computer-assisted design came to town) committed in blueprint form.

“Blueprints are an enduring record of a particular time and place, which then goes on to enrich succeeding generations.” That’s how the folks at Old Blueprints feel about it, anyway.

“Some architectural drawings are purely imaginative and are not meant to be built, others are essential for construction, while still others capture a fleeting idea or preview what an architect intends. ”

At you will find a trove of architectural wall art (and the provenance of each); giclée prints on archival-quality paper. Elevations, sections, and plans for boats, theaters, government and university buildings, bridges, monuments, even a windmill. $49.95 to $89.95 for stock.

Don’t see what you want? Don’t like blue? Custom prints and colors. They’ll even draw from your plans and photos. They’ll hunt down drawings of buildings. Miss your alma mater? Your first home? Also custom wallpaper, printing on canvas, metal and other surfaces.

Out of the closet

Custom cabinetry can be beautiful and special, made just for you. But maybe you are extra special and maybe you want extra-special cabinets. Now you can have the most extra-special cabinets in all the land. Facets from in Wichita, Kan.

Handcrafted cabinets as blank canvas. Any image your heart desires digitally printed onto wood doors, drawer fronts, solid stock and paneling. Photographs (the kids! the dog!), artwork, drawings, patterns (plaids! stripes! flower patterns!), quotes. Possibilities limited only by size of imagination.

“Whatever they want to put on there, we can put on there,” says Mael Hernandez, Custom Cupboards president. Made for integration into new kitchen design. Hernandez says it’s hard to ballpark pricing, but Goddess is tough cookie, and Hernandez reports Facets will add 10 to 15 percent to price of cabinets.

Can’t get it anywhere else. Patent is pending. Inject energy and personality into homes, says marketing chatter. Or just go crazy, says Goddess. Available on maple, cherry and alder. Exclusive to Custom Cupboards dealers. Find dealers, check out line:

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