The Domestic Goddess has doodads and whatnots to relieve the stress of airline travel and more.

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DA PLANE! Da plane! Yessir, sometimes flying is a “Fantasy Island” all its own. The lines, the check-ins, the pat-downs. Oof. We here at HQ share your pain, and we’ve got doodads and whatnots to relieve the stress of airline travel, once a luxury now the cattle call of transportation. Do note emergency exits and flotation devices, then let’s be off.

Pillow talk

This is for our friends on the go who might be infants, toddlers or just plain old children. The Travel Friends Collection by BenBat. The Total Support Headrest travel pillows, well, you get the idea from the name. Headrest stabilizes their little heads and prevents them from slumping forward. Magnets connect for chin support, and straps at the top attach to in-car headrests (for when you land, pick up the rental). Magnets connect sides for secure placement, and they’re two-sided; one for winter, one for summer. And, best of all if you’re a kid? They look liked stuffed animals: bear, chicken, frog, kitty, lion, monster, dragon, penguin, panda. Around $25. Perhaps a go-with for the rental car: Seat Belt Pals. Protect skin from seat-belt chafing, around $12. See more products at Buy at,

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Fat and unhappy

This little number’s gonna save you some dough for sure, the Container Store’s Digital Luggage Scale. Use it at home to make sure you’re carrying less than 50 pounds in your bag, and take it with you (it weighs 8 ounces) to make sure you’re bringing less than 50 pounds home. (And we haven’t even mentioned the embarrassing suitcase shoe-and-underwear swap at the counter to make weight.) Screen is easy-to-read LCD. Can weigh bags up to 88 pounds. Includes a 3-volt battery. $20 at In Bellevue at Lincoln Square.

Airline take-aways

Like your plane seat? Want one at home? Can do. Flight Recliner from Design Within Reach. Created by award-winning designer Jeffrey Bernett (armed with experience designing ergonomic in-flight seating for Northwest Airlines) when tasked with the job of creating a recliner that didn’t look like a recliner. And, thus, Flight Recliner, in collaboration with Nicholas Dodziuk, was born. Upright it’s a streamlined club chair. Then it unfolds — via a patented mechanism that takes only a slight, seated push to activate. Wool, Ultrasuede or leather; lots of colors available. Starting at $2,070, more for leather.

And the seat belt. You like that, too? Can be had. SkyBelts unisex airplane-seat-belt buckles from former United Airlines flight attendant Jennifer Longley. Made with authentic airline buckles. Now you can fasten your seat belt and hold up your pants. Oodles of colors and patterns. Custom belts with logos on the buckle or printed into the webbing available, too: $32.95. World HQ is Enumclaw, home of Jennifer. Also available at the Museum of Flight gift store and Boeing,

But wait, there’s more. Jennifer, ever resourceful, also sells Jumpseat Bags, a line of one-of-a-kind handbags made from vintage aircraft-seat fabric with handles using seat-belt webbing. Around $250.

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