Cushiony tops for flip-flops and a lid that turns a canning jar into a drinking glass.

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Top o’ the morning, dear reader. Top, hmm, speaking of, let’s just go ahead and make that our topic du jour. Simply, top that with these.

Saving your soul, er, sole

Busy mom Donna Hill is something of a freak for flip-flops. And it was really buggin’ Donna when her expensive flips would flop: slippery and dirty insoles, stretched-out straps, hardened soles. Oy.

Crafty Donna cut out some fabric, ran it through her sticker-maker and pasted it in her shoes. Business Donna went, “Hey!” It’s been quite the journey, but here we are at FlopTopz: cushiony, slip-resistant, fabric-covered insoles for flip-flops and sandals. Fun patterns, solid options.

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“I have like, I don’t know, 30-40 pair in my closet,” Donna tells Goddess from HQ in New Jersey. “I’m wearing them right now. Getting ready to take one of my kids to soccer, and I thought, ‘Gotta put on my flip-flops!’ “

Donna? What do you do when you absolutely must dress up? “High-heel flip-flops.” Well, there ya go.

Original FlopTopz $7.50. New FlopTopz Eco recycled-foam line (moisture-wicking, odor-absorbing, slip-resistant, antimicrobial) $9.99. Goddess tested! Find at,,, and

Canning jar incognito

The lowly, unsung canning jar is one hard worker. Surely this mighty multitasker won’t mind one more chore. As travel mug. Cuppow. Motto? “Spill-free sipping on the move.”

BPA free, 100 percent recyclable plastic top fits snugly in place of seal inside lid’s outer screw ring. Fill jar, screw down lid, head out on highway. Or byway. Or any way you want to go.

“The canning jar already makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable and, when sealed, it doesn’t leak,” say inventors Joshua Resnikoff and Aaron Panone.

Out, out, you messy disposable hot cups, you. And you, you overbuilt, expensive travel mugs.

Made in USA. Regular and wide-mouth sizes. Charitable causes. Find at design and coffee stores around town such as Click! Design That Fits, 4540 California Ave. S.W. More locations at

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