Sometimes you just want to stay home in your sweats and cook up something nice for yourself.

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Sure, sure, this is our annual Dining Out issue, and we are all for being out in all matters. But sometimes you just want to stay home in your sweats and cook up something nice for yourself. Plus, the biggest, fattest at-home meal of the year is comin’ ’round the bend. So …

Let’s talk turkey

How about the ultimate food thermometer to end the hunt for the ultimate food thermometer? (I’m talkin’ to you, Mr. Goddess!) Full (but not very sexy) name is Taylor 9867FDA 4-inch Digital Thermocouple Thermometer with 1.5mm Diameter Probe. And that’s just its commercial-use name. For you at-home cookers it’s the Turbo-read. “I know, it’s crazy,” says Liz Wentland at Taylor HQ. Whatever it’s called, the pros give it two drumsticks up: “We discovered it at a commercial trade show,” says City Kitchens owner Kerry Niesen.

Accurate reading in as quick as 4 seconds. Hold function allows continued temperature readout. Temperature range: -40 degrees to 450 degrees F. Suggested price: $70. Reviews are in. Here’s one: “Not only does this thermometer take a beating, it remains perfectly calibrated after being (repeatedly) dropped from a concession trailer. It’s been with us for about a year and kickin’!”

This week, save 90% on digital access.

Buy at City Kitchens, 1527 Fourth Ave., Seattle; at Sur La Table stores,, and more.

Resting on its laurel

Prepara’s Roasting Laurel. Oh, no, you’re thinking, not another gadget for my already jampacked kitchen. Oh, yes. Another great gadget for your already jampacked kitchen. Plus, it’s pretty.

Heat-resistant green silicone laurel wreath keeps the bird or roast up and out of the fat and burned bits. Helps food brown evenly, no sticking. Roasting Laurel molds into place: form it to fit task at hand — support fish for steaming, corral root vegetables, brace stuffed peppers. “I like to roast in a cast-iron skillet, and none of our racks fits in a cast-iron skillet,” reports CK’s Niesen.

Around $25. Find at City Kitchens and at

iPad therefore iCook

Do you love conjuring up recipes from all your favorite foodie dot-coms but fear for your pricey little iPad’s very life around the eggs and the flour and the oil? Fly, fling, splat, spill, spread. No good.

Put a sleeve on it.

Chef Sleeve. A sealable plastic bag that permits you to tap away (claims 100 percent touch sensitivity) and protect the tablet from the mess of gustatorial creativity. Chef Sleeve fits the iPad or any tablet of similar size. Each pack holds 25 reusable and recyclable sleeves.

The Atlantic gave it “two (greasy) thumbs up.” They’re funny at the Atlantic. $19.99. Find at;;;;

Stick and stash ’em

The spatula, the whisk, the rolly rolling pin, the crab cracker. These and other utensil rebels, which will just not succumb to orderly storage no matter what you do, have had their day.

Nail these suckers to the mat with Drawer Décor. Trim-to-fit silicone mat that’s tacky to the touch. You arrange small grips that cling to the mat, securing each tool. No adhesive. Reconfigure at whim. $25 for a 14-by-20-inch mat and 15 grips (starter kit), multiple colors. Extra grips from $3 for five. Sort of like Julia Child’s pegboard utensil wall in drawer form! Find at,

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