The Domestic Goddess looks at innovative products from right here in Washington

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We Northwesterners are always thinkin’. And a fair number of us are of a manufacturing mind, turning those thoughts into items useful, amusing, clever and otherwise. Today, we at Goddess HQ salute you. (Stay tuned for more localpreneurs in future columns.)

Stick it!

Yes, we know that calendars have gone all interconnecty and synchy an’ stuff. But sometimes nothing holds a family together like a note stuck to the ‘fridge.

Three by Three Seattle, actually in Fremont, was started by pals Gwen Weinberg and Anita Nadelson in 1995 with a goal of helping us stay calm and organized. Most recently Three by Three’s gone silicone: stick it! silicone weekly planner ($9), stick it! silicone monthly planner ($13), stick it! silicone to-do board ($8, with hooks for keys or whatnots). Silicone gloms on to any nonporous surface. It’s reusable, doesn’t scratch and no mounting hardware is needed. Get yourself a dry-erase pen and get yourselves together. Find at Click, 4540 California Ave. S.W., Seattle; Portage Bay Goods, 621 N. 35th St., Seattle; and at Free shipping with orders $50 and up.

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Bless you

Finally. A little plastic doodad that secures a box of tissues to the hump behind the console of your car. So simple it seems dumb. That is, until you reach back to hunt for a tissue and there it is. And there it is again. And again.

“If you live in the Northwest and have allergies, you’re probably always reaching for a tissue, just like me,” one Gale Ing wrote recently. “My husband (an engineer who works at Fluke in Everett) was tired of my asking him to find the box of tissues in my car, so he made me the Tillie Tissue box holder, and now all my friends and family have one. They say they don’t know how they got along without it.”

Big deal, you’re thinking (as did Goddess). Wrongo. Goddess tried the Tillie and found life to be improved. Tissues stayed put and, more importantly, eyes never left the road in service of a sneeze.

Nothing to build, no batteries, no wires. Adjustable legs can straddle humps 5 to 11 inches wide. Industrial-strength plastic allows it to grip the floor. $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Find at

Put a sock on it

Perhaps a Strideline city crew sock featuring your favorite urban skyline. Company founded by Issaquah pals Riley Goodman and Jake Director in their senior year of high school (2009). Why? “To provide athletes and polished individuals with distinctly colored, performance-oriented crew socks that inspire a feeling of confidence and swagger unparalleled by any other sock company in the world.”

Apparently there was a need. Their first order (Seattle) sold out in three weeks. Now find many color combinations and more cities (Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, St. Louis). 25 percent cotton, 55 percent nylon, 15 percent polyester, 5 spandex.

Goodman and Director are now seniors at the University of Washington in the Foster School of Business. Look out world.

Find them at Just Sports stores, Seattle Team Shop stores, UW Book Store, The Dawg Den and more. Buy and find more retailers at

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