T-shirts that play music, dog toys that also amuse humans and a sleek outdoor shower.

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PRAISE BE TO March, which along with giving us National Bubble Week (look it up!) brings us, with great hope, an enthusiastic spring. Maybe we’ll have some of that new global warmth between now and July, maybe not. Either way, we could all benefit from a little fun right about now. So, go out and play with your friends.

Suit up

And be your own one-man band just by fiddlin’ with the playable electronic T-shirts from ThinkGeek.

Latest to the collection (Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt, Drum Kit Shirt and Personal Soundtrack Shirt) is the Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt. A real playable music synthesizer with 25 keys right on your chest. Anybody for a rousing rendition of “She Blinded me with Science”? The synth shirt has prerecorded sample sounds: sounds of the 1980s, “Close Encounters” music, evil synth sounds, slap bass and grand piano. Wearable retro-style mini amp box is included. Adult sizes.

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For the little rock gods, there is the Guitar Shirt and Drum Kit Shirt. Each button on the neck of the guitar plays a major chord, for cranking out tunes like “Smoke on the Water” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Comes with magnetic pick for strumming. Seven different drums on Drum Shirt. $29.99-$39.99. Find at thinkgeek.com.

Isn’t it prefabulous?

If you are the hearty sort who enjoys a good outdoor tromp this time of year, perhaps you might also enjoy a nice steamy shower there, too. You’re in luck: Oborain the outdoor shower. The folks there “celebrate the aliveness of showering outdoors.”

This modern prefab outdoor shower weaves steel, wood, water and air for “the ultimate outdoor shower experience.” Showers (Solo, Duo or Trio) are made by hand in Massachusetts and are easy to assemble and plumb. Decks are cumaru, a sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood. Panels are dark red meranti, a hardwood from Malaysia certified by the Malaysian Timber Council. Fits into backyard or beach. A full-enclosure Solo with Hansgrohe Croma Green Thermostatic Showerpipe is $5,200. Solo with Axor Citterio Thermostatic Showerpipe is $5,900. Go without a door and peel $900 off the bill. Find at www.oborain.com.

Fetching good fun

How can you do this to your dog? How can you not do this for your dog?

The Humunga Stache rubber fetch toy. Delight your best canine friend with a fun run in the park; delight yourself when he fetches you a rubber ball attached to a mustache (or the Humunga Tongue or Lips). It’s humungalarious.

Who thinks of such a thing? Michele Levan of Philadelphia. “I don’t know, I’m just crazy,” says the Ruler of Humunga. “I always have good ideas when I’m falling asleep, but I’m too lazy to get up and get a pen. When I came up with this I thought, I hope I remember it in the morning. I did!”

Inspiration for tongue, product No. 1, was dearly missed dog Sweetie. “I used to have this photo of her right by my desk. She had a lot of personality, and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth in the picture.” Mustache and lips are a natural extension of product line.

Inquiring mind asked if Levan must always have a dog. “Duh-yeeaah!” Thus, the current crop, mutt Foxy, goldendoodle Muppet.

Toys are solid natural rubber and come in sizes; $12 each, plus shipping.

Find at local pet stores such as Soggy Doggy, 21839 Marine View Dr., Renton; Urban Dogs, 2036 Bellevue Square; also at www.moodypet.com.

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