The summer wedding season is upon us. Are you prepared for the festivities?

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Oh, Juuuune! Here come those brides. And the grooms. Here they come, too.

When John and Ann Betar of Connecticut recently sling-shotted their way across Facebook as the longest married couple in the country (80 years!) more than a million of us hit LIKE. Goddess brims with hope for the institution. Plus, she does so love a party and a pretty dress.

This cake is faux good

Oh, the heat, the humidity, the falling over in the delivery truck. Not to mention the expense. Why buy when you can rent — the wedding cake? Yessir, the folks at Fun Cakes Rental in Grandville, Mich., will throw a real-looking wedding cake in the mail to you for $150 to $250 (plus $200 deposit). Design your own or choose from their lot.

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Cake is covered with real fondant. Inside is foam with a small compartment that holds edible cake for the bride/groom feeding portion of the festivities. (Patented!). Afterward, fake cake is whisked away and guests are served sheet cakes. Slide cake back into box and mail it away.

“The lady who started it, Kimberly, her kids went to college, and she was bored. So she made up dummy cakes and went to a bridal show,” VP Koray Aya tells Goddess. “All the brides went, ‘I love that cake! I don’t want a real cake. I want to rent that cake.’ What? You want to rent it?

“It gives people the chance to have a cake that would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $3,000 to $4,000.”


Turn any plain-old, linoleum-floored Odd Fellows rental hall into a glowing butterfly house with these specimens in Baltic birch plywood from artist and University of Georgia associate prof Michael Oliveri. Butterfly lights. Choose from heterocera versions: “A division of Lepidoptera, including the moths and hawk moths, which have the antennae variable in form.” Or rhopalocera: “A division of Lepidoptera including all the butterflies. Differ from other Lepidoptera in having club-shaped antennae.” Shoutout to the Free Dictionary for the (science!) explainer. 18 to 24 inches around and tall. $135 each.

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