Good design. It's important!

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Happy Fall Home Design! Twice each year, spring and fall, we seek to make you swoon and drool over inanimate objects designed for the sheltering of human beings. And to possibly leave you with a tidbit or two of inspiration your own four walls.

How important is good design? As America’s architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, put it: “A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

He is also (thank you, Frank) the guy who said this: “A man is a fool if he drinks before he reaches the age of 50, and a fool if he doesn’t afterward.”

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Here’s a shady deal

Brought to you by one Lara Lathrop Anderson: RD Shady. Zip-on, zip-off lampshades. Also, table runners, pillow covers and night lights to go with. Change ’em like you change your sheets.

Officially: “interchangeable lampshade system.” Lara, an interior designer, and her mom own Red Door Interiors, a home-doodads store in Olympia where many old-but-attractive lamps passed their way in need of a new hat. They found attractive lampshades, they found current lampshades, but they could not find either as affordable lampshades. Theirs, made in Portland, use Robert Allen fabrics, DwellStudio line in particular.

Three sizes of shades, $55 to $65. For proper fit, the starter kit: harp, adapter to connect light bulb, finial and shade, $20 to $28. To clean: Zip off shade, lay flat, vacuum. $5 of each RD Shady goes to support the fight against multiple sclerosis. Be good, do good.

“It really gives the Average Joe off the street that gorgeous custom look,” Lara tells Goddess.

Do not be an Average Joe. Be a Special Joe. See all of the above, watch how-to videos at

A furniture eclipse

Yes, Goddess does know this little item is pricey, but it’s a twofer: table and light. Split the bill 50-50 with Solar from Foscarini. A true floor light, it lollygags about right on the floor, the bottom a diffused light, the top a table. Marketing folks call it “a contemporary hearth to gather around … marked by a line that mirrors the terrestrial curve, in sync with nature.” They also say the resting surface recalls an eclipse. (That is good.)

Versions indoor, glossy white or dark wood; and outdoor, “textured brown color.” Adjust with tilt feature. Indoor version: $1,466 (dark wood), $1,156 (white). Outdoor is $1,547. Find in Seattle at Inform Interiors, 300 Dexter Ave. N. and Light Matters, 905 Western Ave. Online at,,

One more little thing

If you thought your house was small, forgeddaboutit. Here’s teeny-tiny modern furniture made to 1:12, 1:18 and 1:6 scale by hand (that hand belonging to Doris Nathanson of Northern California) for dollhouse and miniature enthusiasts of contemporary bent.

Doris is the mastermind (designer, builder, owner) of minimodernistas. Her work is inspired by Eames, Saarinen, Nelson and Pfister, more. Doris started building miniatures as a kid. Then there was art school and … Rugs, shelves, pillows, chairs, ottomans, tables, sofas, daybeds, linens, lamps, wall art, even George Nelson’s Ball Clock ($28). Everything. Replicas and inspired-bys. In a variety of colors, textures, styles and prices.

Even if tiny furniture doesn’t otherwise interest you, a spin through the website will be sure to amaze.

In her own small (but not tiny) apartment? The Wassily chair and the Case Study Bed. “And I have a sofa that’s similar to the Long and Low Sofa.”

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