A vibrating musical bathtub, bedding that's absolutely chilling and DJ of a doorbell.

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WELCOME, KIDS, to the gadget-rich Goddess. Technology is our friend this week. And even if you are a devoted and enthusiastic Luddite, you very well could be tempted by the treats below. They’re fun and good for you, like peas in ice cream!

Soak. It. Up!

A vibrating, musical bathtub. With lights. Why did I not think of that? For accuracy, this is a sound-therapy bathtub and not a disco tub. Kohler calls it VibrAcoustic technology. Found on the Underscore bath line. Bathers both hear and feel sound vibrations for “complete body relaxation.”

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Bathers can stream music and podcasts or choose one of Kohler’s four compositions (sound therapist involved). They say you can use it as a sound system for the entire room. And the lights? Synchronized with the four come-with tunes, but will also get jiggy with outside music.

Kohler muckety-muck Ann Roever says “it’s like going to a rock concert — you can hear and feel the music and vibrations throughout your body.” Only buck naked.

The goal, when everything’s at warp speed, is “to encourage the bather’s breathing rate to align with the beats or chord structures … for a state of complete relaxation. Two massaging beat experiences (adjustable) add even more physical vibration.”

The acrylic Underscore bath comes in nine sizes, five colors. Drop-in and undermount installation. From $1,055.70 to $4,634.55. For more info and Kohler retailers to go: www.us.kohler.com.

I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m cold

Fixed, fixed, fixed and fixed. ChiliPad and ChiliBed from, who else? ChiliTechnology. Get a right and proper night’s sleep with either a wireless thermostat-controlled mattress or mattress-cover pad. Both use water circulation to regulate sleeping-surface temperature in single or dual zones with independent controls (Goddess can feel divorce rate dropping already). Temperature range: about 55 degrees to 110.

Think relief from menopause, night sweats, aching muscles, injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, Mr. Goddess, other maladies.

ChiliPad is machine washable, fits standard and extra-thick mattresses. Medical-grade silicone tubing used to circulate water. ChiliBed mattresses are made of TempXL memory foam.

Unlike your typical electric blanket, there are no wires in or on top of the mattress. Control unit averages less than 80 watts of energy use.

Right about now you might be thinking, doesn’t this sound a little like Ye Olde Waterbed from Daze of Yore? Related. P.R. guy says company President Todd Youngblood’s Uncle Charlie (Charles Hall) is credited with inventing the water bed. Don’t go gettin’ all Googley on me; it’s what he says.

ChiliPad, $399 to $999; ChiliBed mattresses from $1,699 to $3,999. www.chilitechnology.com.

Ding-dong long gone

Here’s a new doorbell for a new generation. Now when somebody really pushes your button you can hear up to 10,000 of your favorite songs. The MP3 DJ Doorbell from Swann. Customizable, wireless, battery-powered, stores and plays music when doorbell is pressed. Has a speaker unit and push-button doorbell unit. Modern white, high-gloss design.

Music is stored on a removable SD card (sold separately). Speaker unit can double as an on-the-wall music player even when doorbell is not pressed, or as a portable music player when removed from wall. The MP3 DJ Doorbell connects to a computer via the included USB or remove the SD card to adjust content. MP3-editing software also included. $49.99. Find at buy.com, electronic-connection.com.

Good gawd y’all! Git up offa that thing and dance to the doorbell. Oww.

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