The Copilot Luggage Roller from Timbuk2, happy feet from Luna Sandals and a Coiffee to protect your hair.

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Airfares. There’s no wondering why they don’t spell it airfair. Nothing fair about it sometimes. Aircrapshoot, maybe. But, dear reader, there is one add-on fee we can beat if we pack light, pack tight. We at Goddess HQ are here to help you do just that for your next bon voyage.

All the way from Timbuk2

Goddess tips crown in welcome to messenger-bag mavericks Timbuk2, new to Seattle with a spanking new store at Seventh and Pine. Sure you can find Timbuk2 bags at REI stores and in any decent, upstanding bike shop or college bookstore. But this is the first retail store outside HQ in San Fran.

What is to be found there for us nonmessenger types? Copilot Luggage Roller: “This durable, ultralightweight luggage roller gives you more room — so you can pack as impractically as you want (read: cowboy boots). A bike-inspired handle and skateboard wheels make this carry-on the envy of the overhead bin.”

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There you have it. Wheels are removable. Clamshell construction. Separate compartment for shoes, wet clothes, cosmetics. Durable ballistic nylon. Multiple straps for hoisting. Organizer pockets for security checkpoint passage.

Small, 20 inches, can be carried on international flights ($210); medium, 22 inches, is good on all domestic and some international ($225); extra large, 28 inches, must be checked ($300).

Here’s to happy feet

If you could pack only one pair of shoes, what would those be? Perhaps a pair of almost-like-barefoot Luna Sandals, made right here in ever-industrious Seattle.

Lunas, say their makers, “are handcrafted, minimalist sandals that preserve the age-old connection between the human foot and the earth.”

These little strappy, scrappy sandals are up to the task of an ultra marathon. The Luna Sandals folks themselves ran the Copper Canyon Ultra wearing product.

You, however, need not run afar to strap on a pair. New collection. For everyday adventurers — more your farmers market-toddling types. Venado: the most minimal, for paved surfaces, light trail running; sole in goat leather or nonslip vegan. Mono: for trails, casual wear; sole goat leather or nonslip vegan. Even more durable is the Oso trail sandal.

Made by adventurers for adventurers since 2010, “Barefoot” Ted McDonald and outdoor enthusiast brothers Scott and Bookis Smuin. Goddess tested! $65 to $95. Find at Born To Run stores in Seattle and Bellevue, and at

‘Goodbye Hat Hair’

That’s the motto for Coiffie. Goddess dittos that: Hat hair, you take yourself a hike right outta here.

Coiffie, pronounced kwah-fee, (how much fun is that?) is a water-repellent hood that protects your, well, coif. Roomy, adjustable hood has a silky lining, providing minimal ‘do damage. Water repellent to protect from rain and snow. Flat-pack fabric carrying case for storage in purse or bag. Comes in an array of colors and patterns. Turns any coat into a hooded garment. Snaps with magnetic closure. Flip it back and layer like a scarf.

Two versions: winter weight and all-weather. Winter has polyester, water-repellent shell, polyester/viscose jacquard lining, Thinsulate mid-layer. Multi-season (which we here sometimes have all in one day!) is sans mid-layer. $58 for winter; $54 for multi.

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