A handy carrier for water and whatnot, a cosmetic bag to go and goodies to acquire from Birch Bay to Ocean Shores.

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“Lord, I was born a ramblin’ (wo)man. Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best ah cannn.” Got the Allman Brothers stuck on the mental iPod? Then Goddess has done her job. Movin’ on.

Go Caddy, go

To carry or not to carry, that is the question. If you had a Go Caddy, invented by one Vicki Forster in Flaarida, the answer would be carry. Holds water bottle (with bottle-cooler sleeve), identification, keys, cruise pass (if you are on one), money, camera, cellphone, sun glasses, etc. Great for hiking, outdoor festivals, sporting events or “wherever your active lifestyle takes you.” Unisex; black, brown, red.

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You golf? Golfing Caddy, same thing only different. Both still only $19.99. www.thegocaddy.com.

Pretty is as pretty travels

All of us makeup-wearing travelers can benefit from the experience of former American Airlines marketing exec and Bellevue resident Veronica Mayo. Her invention: the Vemayca Cosmetic Bag with removable and washoutable liner.

I’m going to let her tell it: “I was constantly on an airplane and was frustrated that the inside of my cosmetic bag was always so dirty. It was disgusting, and that’s what led me to the idea. I didn’t want to keep throwing stuff out. I created a bag that has a removable liner, so when those makeup spills and stains happen, simply remove the liner and you are good to go. Keeps your cosmetic bag clean and your makeup happy.” And happy makeup is, well, happy makeup. $24.99 for petite, $34.99 large. www.vemayca.com.

Road trip!

Sometimes you have to go there to get these. A sampling of goodies from Hitherandyon, Areweonvacationyet County:

Ocean Shores: If you can pass through Ocean Shores without going to Sharky’s (entrance through a shark’s open jaws!) then you are stronger than Goddess. She. Cannot. Resist. Foam Shark Mask, $6.99. Amaze your friends! 695 Ocean Shores Blvd. N.W. No website. Go there.

Birch Bay: Name says it all, Kate’s be surprised, with the “i” kinda jumping in the air. Katie Abrams has hung her shingle out back of local icon the C Shop (C being candy) with finds artful, funky, rare and delightfully odd. Suzanis (vintage embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan), dishware, chandeliers, candles and the Katie-enhanced birdhouses seen here ($12). Can’t miss the place: store’s yolk yellow and turquoise. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. But Katie says “I’ll be open additional days during the Kwansa shopping season. Oh! I meant Festivus.” 4825 Alderson Road, Birch Bay.

Vashon Island: King Caramel. Love the slogan: “Made by hand by real people.” Am supporter both of hands and real people. And caramels to make you grooooan with delight (six flavors). Real people here is Hedy Anderson. Known among the locals as the Queen of Caramel (Goddess tips crown). Find at The Little House, 17636 100th Ave. and at the VI farmers market, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays on the village green through December. From $7 for 1/3 pound to $19 for 1 pound. Online: www.kingcaramel.com.

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island: Get off ferry, walk up hill, turn right to First Street, head to Vital Elements, Rhonda Scott’s place. She’s got loads o’ things, but Goddess is particularly fond of Rhonda’s own handcrafted jewelry: old rosaries, optical lenses, drawer pulls, ivory piano keys. Whatever she finds and fancies. $15 to $150. Vital Elements, 30 First St. www.vitalelementsofimagination.com.

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