Tiki toys for man and beast: Get your clan on this summer.

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This week we’re getting in touch with our tribal side. Whether you prefer your party Polynesian or you just have a real tight family, this week we’re all about the clan.

News from the tiki front

What gathering is not made better by the inclusion of tiki gods? Not a one Goddess can think of. Get your tiki on in two new ways:

1) Beeswax Tiki Pillar candle from Fresh Pastry Stand. Molded from 1950s vintage barware; 5 inches tall. Burns about 75 hours. Beeswax is natural, burns clean and supports bees. “You could totally eat this candle, it is so pure,” reports owner Deva Mirel of Alachua, Fla. No added anything. Just wax of bees. Buy alone ($32) or set ($68) along with Daisy Goblet and Squat Flower Pillar. Made to order. http://www.etsy.com/shop/freshpastrystand.

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2) Squeeki Tiki line of dog toys from petprojekt. Name says it all. Squeaky and tiki. “This cool Easter Island Moai dog toy will bring the islands to your backyard or living room,” says petprojekt literature. Kahuna Jason Vap has a Squeeki Tiki devotee of his own: “I’ve got a Doberman,” he reports. “He’s awesome, all bark and no bite.” Name’s Kava, like the Polynesian drink. And a rescue.

Vap is a second-generation toy-maker. Dad did everything from Disney characters to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Squeeki Tiki small, $8; large, $14. Find at www.petprojekt.com,www.amazon.com, Petco stores, boutiques and pet shops.

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