A sequined black apron, an electric cocktail mixer and a lovely candle. A great start to 2013.

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SNAP-PY NEW year! Yes, we are well aware that Mr. Goddess has not even finished his Christmas shopping yet, this being Dec. 23. But one must think of the future. And that future is a mere nine days away. So let’s get it up for the two oh to the one three.

The holiday season is full festive flurry this very minute, bubbling over with visions of whatever it is one prefers to have dancing in one’s head. Let us all enter this new year suited up, chin out, going forth. Always brave, ever festive.

2013, here we come!

Fancy that!

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What to wear, what to wear when guests come to dinner or for drinks and appys. Hmm. A fancy outfit hidden by a protective apron? How about a fancy apron over a fancy outfit? Look you upon the BarbaraAnne Apron: classic black apron adorned in black sequins.

“Just before we answer the door, we slip on our classic black apron knowing our guests will be surprised and delighted when they see us in it,” says apron mistress Laura “Barbara” Bennett, who cooks in her regular old model before changing. “It’s really festive, so when I open the door in it, it communicates from the outset this is gonna be fun because I put on my sparkly apron.”

Enough said. Quite a sociological load for a little apron, but the black sequin is up for it.

This tuxedo of aprons has an adjustable button neck strap and 100 percent cotton lining. Care and feeding? “You wipe it off with a wet rag, but I have washed it,” Bennett says. “You put it in a laundry bag and wash it with a gentle detergent on the gentle cycle, like lingerie. I didn’t feel like I needed to press it. But you can iron on the back side, which is heavy cotton twill.”

Apron is $50, with $10 sent off to help others, such as the Children’s Hunger Fund. Find it at www.barbaraanneco.com.

A dervish delight

Goddess is quite shaken about how this machine stirs drinks: with the touch of a button and two batteries! Yes, folks, we bring you the new Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer from Metrokane. (Somewhere pigs are flying.)

Measure ingredients for your favorite concoction, add ice, press start button. Advertising says you are then to, “Sit back and enjoy the mixing show.” Now, this could be a very useful tool, even medicinal, say, if one were recently involved in a farming mishap involving a combine or some such.

Electric mixer, $40, is powered by a 6,500 rpm motor. Mixes more than 100 “push-button cocktails” on two triple-A batteries (first two included). Holds 18 ounces.

For the host who wants absolutely everything, find at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Amazon, www.metrokane.com and more.

Light one up

A candle, that is, from skin-care company Harman London in Olympia. HL is branching out to capture a piece of the candle and diffuser action.

“A candle can truly create a mood. What else can do that for just a mere $20?” wonders co-founder Ross MacQuarrie. (MacQuarrie’s from London. Please reread with British accent.)

He’s got a point. HL candles (actually $21.99) are made from the finest wax blends and burn 50 to 60 hours. Each 7.5-ounce candle is hand-poured in HL studios, using lead-free wicks. Two collections of scents, Wit and Purple. Come packaged as little gifts. One for me, and one for, um, me. Find at www.harmanlondon.com.

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