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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Hoo boy, that Albert Einstein. Such a smart fellow.

Time to put those thinkin’ caps on once again, boys and girls, whether you’re running out to the school bus or heading off to a faraway university. There is no need for school days to be a school daze.

One-stop dorm shop

Perhaps there are few last-minute items yet to pick up. And you’ve looked everywhere. Have you? Everywhere? Tried

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One-stop dorm shopping. First up is the Go Vault college dorm safe (7 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 2.25 deep). What goes in there? Passport, wallet, camera, watch, checks, iPod. Use combination lock to secure vault to furniture (won’t damage furniture). Thick polycarbonate plastic, $14.99. Find also at and .

Next up is the Laundry Express, laundry bag with easy-glide wheels. Can be crammed with weeks of dirty clothes (13 inches by 32 inches by 14 inches). Navy nylon with tan accents. Drawstring top keeps clothes locked in and pocket holds small detergent/dryer sheets. Folds for storage. $25.89.

And, finally, Goddess brings you Rapid Ramen Cooker. That’s what it is, that’s what it does. In case ramen is already not, in itself, fast enough. $9.99. Find also at

A picture is worth …

Art and A+’s by the bushels are about to spill from backpacks across this fine land of ours. Frame it. Frame it again. And again. Right here in a Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet.

Stores up to 50 masterpieces. Got a waterpainting of a rainbow accented with a sunny-yellow sun and a coupla puffy clouds? Open cabinet, stick it in there. Got the history of the cotton gin told better than any fourth-grader ever? Open cabinet, place over rainbow. And on like so. Frame (black, cherry or white) opens from the front, hangs vertically or horizontally, comes with a bevel-cut white mat. Mounts to wall with included hardware.

Multiple sizes: $29.95 for cabinet holding 8.5-inch-by-11-inch paper, up to $67.95 for 18 by 24. Find full line at and a selection at

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