There's no time like the holidays to swear again to get fit in the coming year.

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THE HOLIDAYS are among the best times for letting others help you get in shape with simple gifts of cool fitness gadgets. There’s no time like the holidays to swear again to get fit in the coming year.

Every year we are amazed by the amount of gear, gadgets and fitness clothes all ostensibly devoted to helping us become a better version of our current selves. If your loved ones are willing to get it for you, hey, all the better. Here’s some of the stuff we’ve spotted recently that would be a perfect request or, if you’re thinking of helping others, a brilliant surprise:

Nike+ Fuelband

This is not your nerdy pedometer. The Nike+ Fuelband is black, simple and sleek, a bracelet even a dude would wear. But its innards have way more clever stuff, including an accelerometer that tracks every move of everything you do, including dancing, basketball and walking. You’ll get stats on steps per day, calories burned and the time, and it all can link back to your smartphone and help you set some new fitness goals. $149,

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‘Insanity: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program’ DVD

Proponents, including some very fit folks I know, swear by this workout’s toughness. This would be a perfect choice for someone bored by their fitness program but without enough time to get to a class or the gym. It’s a 10-DVD pack, which will keep even the most impatient interested, and buff. $144.80,

Hoopnotica travel hoop

If you haven’t come over to the hula hooping side, perhaps the travel hoop will change your mind. Hula hooping is great, low-impact cardio that works your core and is way fun to do. Unfortunately, hula hoops are generally large. But this hoop is set up to travel, whether to a friend’s place to hoop or on the road. It comes in sections neatly held together with a strap that also makes for easy carrying. The Hoopnotica version can be put together with just five sections to make it smaller. $59.99,

Lululemon Scuba hoodie

Lululemon may be the modern day sweatpants, but the outfits are far cuter than the sweats of old and just as comfy. The Scuba hoodie is a splurge, but it’s worth it. Thick, soft and warm, it doubles as a jacket in the Pacific Northwest. It comes in a variety of colors that rotate regularly, and it will never let you down. $108,

Fitness package

This is one that you have to figure out, but we’re happy to offer suggestions. Get your loved one a personal-trainer package, an intro to CrossFit or a gift card to a Pilates studio. Do something that will get them somewhere, and you may turn them on to a whole new way of life. Maybe sign up with them!

Wool buff

We love the idea of a wool buff. It’s made out of merino wool, which is naturally stretchy and helps regulate temperature by wicking sweat. And, it’s washable. Keep warm in the winter with this practical buff that can be used to protect your face and keep your neck warm; it works as a skull cap or as a full hood. Check out the video to see all the possibilities. $29,

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