Dad, here's for you from the Domestic Goddess.

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Goddess tips crown to all you fathers out there. Happy day today!

A dad can be a right handy thing to have. They are great for big hugs and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. They’ll teach you how to throw a fastball (catch same) and change a tire. And when you are a teenager, they can embarrass you in front of the opposite sex like nobody else. Oh, faaaatttheerrr.

Here’s lookin’ at you, dad.

Map quest

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Dads are explorer types. They must be. Unscientific sampling indicates they don’t much prefer directions offered from helpful passers-by or even the friendly lady who lives in the GPS on the dashboard.

So maybe dads would love these: 1925 bird’s-eye view of Seattle from the Kroll Map Co. On fabric.

Undercover Quilts near Pike Place Market offers, among its 1,824 bolts of fabric, the Knoll map on muslin: $7.95 per panel (22 inches by 36 inches); $11.95 for two (one full yard).

If you’re a DIYer, you’re good to go and whip up pillows, tablecloths, curtains, what have you. If you’re not: You can buy the panels hand-painted in dreamy pastels by local quilt artist Mary Downes for $75. Or, get a piece of history and a piece of art by Downes with a hand-painted and quilted map for $400. (Also map greeting cards; quilted/hand-painted, $25 each.)

“I can find where I was born and raised on this map, and I can see where my wife, Linda, and I live out in Shoreline,” says amiable UQ president Jim Todd, husband of UQ owner Linda Hitchcock.

Not available anywhere else on planet Earth. Find at the Pike Brewing Co. building, inside 1411 First Ave., Suite 106.

Eau de Dad

Sometimes dads are not quite as cool and groovy as they could be. Maybe Dad goes from dud to dude — man of mystery and intrigue — with a bottle of Bond. James Bond. James Bond 007 fragrance.

What’s it smell like? “Classic and unmistakably masculine with a fresh, sophisticated twist.” Ad speak for lavender, moss, apple and sandalwood scents. $30 to $40; exclusively at Kohl’s:

If your budget’s a little bigger and your dad’s a close-shaved kind of guy there’s this: The Art of Shaving’s 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Ocean Kelp. (There’s a mouthful.) Pre-shave gel, shaving cream, badger hair(!) shaving brush, after-shave lotion. Water-based with a blend of aromatic essential oils. Kelp extract helps control sebum (oil, basically) production on the skin. $115; find at The Art of Shaving at Bellevue Square, Pacific Place and Southcenter Mall and at

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