Check out a shower head with tunes, and Keds tennis shoes approved by Taylor Swift.

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Who is Goddess’ fitness idol, you might be asking yourself? Jack LaLane? (Nyet to the jumpsuit.) Jillian Michaels? (Too cranky.) Richard Simmons? (Too perky.) No, indeed, Goddess wants to be fit like Mick. Mick Jagger, 69 years old and still pelvic thrustin’ through 50 years of gigs as the greatest frontman of all time.

Let us all strive to be like that fast-rolling Stone, cardio-killers with guns for arms who eat all our vegetables, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. And have mostly good-hair days.

Hit those showers

Goddess does not recommend dancin’ around in there or anything, but you could enjoy some lively tunes while washing off your workout. Moxie by Kohler. Showerhead and wireless speaker. Lather up, belt it out. Relax or recharge, depending on the playlist. Stream music, podcasts and more right in the shower with Bluetooth. Showerhead has 60 angled nozzles and is available with a water-saving spray. Silicone sprayface is easy to clean. But wait, there’s more! Magnetic speaker pops out of showerhead for recharging or perhaps taking with. Use it as a wireless speaker in the kitchen or at the beach.

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Attention, teenage-girl people

Taylor Swift is never, ever getting back together with her boyfriend. She has told us so under no uncertain terms. But one thing she might be doing is wearing a pair of sneakers from Keds. And one thing you teenage-girl people might do is take a pair of these sneakers from Keds for a vigorous, health-infused walk around Green Lake. Perhaps with Ms. Swift singing in your earbuds.

The Taylor Swift line from Keds. This summer’s “it” sneaker. Tenny-shoe company is “thrilled to introduce its first footwear collaboration with seven-time, Grammy-winning, multiplatinum, singer-songwriter and style icon.” Thrilled. “The sneakers are really fun and easy to wear, and the designs reflect some of my favorite things,” said Swift. Not to Goddess personally. But to somebody, she said that.

Line re-imagines the classic Keds Champion sneaker. (Fun fact: Champion sneaker debuted in 1916); 12 versions with guitars, polka dots, flowers, sunglasses, anchors and stars, hearts and other whatnots in red, yellow, navy, aqua and pink. Charms on two styles: silver heart with Taylor’s favorite number, 13; guitar pick in antiqued brass with logo. All styles $50.

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