Either way, gifts are involved.

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Pacific NW associate editor

In this, our season of great merriment, either you are a host/hostess or you are going to gussy up and present yourself as a guest to a host/hostess. Either way, gifts are involved. Thoughtful little gifts. Or, if you are the hilariously hilarious drag queen Dina Martina (appearing nightly in her annual Christmas show now at Re-bar), thoughtful little “jifts.”

And a good host does love a cheerful giver.

Fill ‘er up

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Four of these would make a lovely gift of appreciation, and they won’t set you back more than $18 for the set (with tax). The holiday collection Stag cocktail glasses from Cost Plus World Market. They come in short and tall, each $3.99. And to earn extra points as the perfect guest you might, perhaps, decorate the gift bag with an ornament. The camper‘s kinda funny ($9). Fortune cookie portends good things for 2013, which does loometh ($4.99). And the gumball machine is just plain old fun ($9). All that glitters, and one is gold!

Find at the Cost Plus World Market nearest you: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Tukwila. And at www.worldmarket.com.

From the hostess with the mostest

The queen (Goddess tips crown) of having folks over, Martha Stewart, has yet another new line of stuff to elevate our otherwise disheveled existence: Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery. (And, yes, you must refer to it just that way each time you speak of it.)

Having seen Martha’s new line of organizational supplies, Goddess is quite taken with the pockets. Clear loose coupons, recipes and takeout menus out of the junk drawer and slip them into their own transparent pocket, which (best part) hangs on the door or wall. Removable adhesive. Stick pockets to almost any surface, detach without residue. Variety of sizes, starting at $5.99 each. Put appliance manuals in there, dry-mix packets. Get one for each family member. Go wild. They come in Martha Blue.

And, helpful for taggin’ and baggin’ gifts and goodies: MS’ rim tags, kraft labels and kitchen labels. Simple, classy, like Marty herself. Find at Staples, www.staples.com and www.avery.com.

One more thing before you go

And Goddess does mean go. Poo-Pourri. A natural, organic, odor eater for, um, the loo. One spritzes it into the, um, bowl before one does whatever one is going to do in there. Essential oils create a film that contains and destroys odors. Voilà!

A new collection offers all sorts of products “for the entire family”: toilet sprays, soy candles, shoe deodorizers, pooch products. And, wait for it, everything less than $20.

“You don’t understand how amazing this product is,” says Marianna Nadelman, no-kidding Poo-Pourri P.R. pusher, of the candles, made with the same odor-zapping essential oils and enzymes as the bathroom spray. “This candle, I just light it up when I come home — I have dogs, I’m cooking things. You can’t smell any of it. I have a French bulldog, and he smells all the time. I wash him, and he smells the next day. These products really do work. And you can travel with them.”

There you have it, folks. Act-ual testimonial.

For the holidays: Santa Poo bathroom spray. Citrus, holly, evergreen. Original Poo-Pourri is a blend of bergamot, lemon grass, grapefruit.

Find products and local stores that stock them at www.poopourri.com.

Reach out to The Goddess at bteagarden@seattletimes.com. The Goddess is also very Pinteresting. Find her there at http://pinterest.com/rtea/.

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