Buy it once and buy it right. Green indeed!

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Let’s just call this the Industrial Strength version of the Goddess, shall we?

Today’s theme is heavy, solid and takes-a-lickin’-and-keeps-on-tickin’ permanent. Buy it once and forgeddaboudit. Ageless design, master made. Do it once and do it right is plain old green thinkin’ at its core. Heavy metal, dude.

Steel yourself

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For the Tom Kundig Collection. It was just a matter of time. And that time is now.

Olson Kundig Architects’ star designer of contemporary homes has a new line of steel accessories. They cost a heck of a lot less than buying the whole cow (or house, in this case) but offer to all a little of that Kundig zing.

“Each piece celebrates the moments when people touch the buildings and spaces they inhabit,” is the way the O-K folks put it.

They say this is but the first of several O-K product lines. This collection consists of 25 cut-and-folded steel products: cabinet and door pulls to rollers and tables. Pieces are fabricated by 12th Avenue Iron. They are then finished and waxed.

From themselves again: “In Kundig’s architecture, the simple act of opening a door becomes a ballet between user and structure.” Nice.

Prices go like so: $3,536 for a coffee table, and $250-$315 for the bangin’ door knocker called t-Knocker, depending on the finish (satin black, gloss red, gloss white). On a budget? Start with the door knocker. Put your designer bling right out front and at eye level.

To see it all go to More about O-K

Yo, ho oh

This is such an oceangoing town, how could you not like Bulkhead Light by Davey Lighting? Hmmm, matey?

History lesson: Davey & Co. (original name), was established in 1885 to serve London shipyards. According to the folks at Design Within Reach, clients were the marine merchants operating out of London’s West India Docks. Davey lights could be found on the decks of many of history’s best-known ships, including the Titanic (hey, don’t blame the lights). Architects and designers have long been fans of the Davey Bulkhead Light (1970s). And now Davey Lighting supplies marine, industrial and decorative lighting to residential and contract customers, making them available to the public for the first time. Bits are handcrafted in England according to tradition. They come in two sizes; $375 (60 watts) and $395 (75 watts). Must buy own bulb. “Front guards secured by three wing nuts.” Wing nuts. Snicker.

Check out the Companionway Light, the Mast Light and the Deck Light, too.

Seattle’s Design Within Reach store: 1918 First Ave.; or

Honey, where’s the opener?

Here it is. Capitol Hill design studio Iacoli & McAllister (Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister) has gotten a lot of ink lately in the design media and on a little phenom they call the “Internetz.” One reason is this, a simple bottle opener called Hex Opener.

Theirs is a solid brass hex bar, heavy and elegant, bead blasted for a matte finish. It’s $48, and makes for a great housewarming gift. (Keychain version is $44.) They’ve got more: lights, bench, jewelry, accent pieces, all created with this in mind:

“More than anything else we really want to make beautiful things, things that people want to live with. It’s about beauty, quality and style. Rather than being concerned with innovation, we strive to perfect our craft; that of proportion, scale, color and fabrication. And we only want to make this stuff in the U.S. Our process is one part exploration, one part learning curve, one part affection, one part sheer strife, and one part caffeine.” Cheers to that.

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