"Art is, indeed, the perfection of good nature." So let us, in this week of our annual Arts Issue, be quite good-natured indeed.

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LET US hark back to Ye Old Timey Days of Yore and one Charles Frye. Of Seattle’s Frye Art Museum fame (all free, all the time! even parking!). Chuck is credited with having said, “Art is, indeed, the perfection of good nature.” So let us, in this week of our annual Arts Issue, be quite good-natured indeed.

Art is fun. Art is good for you. Art need not cost a million smackaroonies. I’ll show you.

These are (not) a fortune

For $16 you could own an original Aleksandra Pollner: Porcelain Fortune Cookie. Pollner is a Seattle (by way of Gdansk, Poland) multimedia artist working in ceramics. “The fortunes are written by a local clairvoyant. No two are the same; she’s really adamant about that,” says Charlie Schuck, proprietor of Seattle’s Object, where the cookies are sold. “Enjoy them as they are or break them open for your fortune.”

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Charlie is downright possessed with the art/design mission of his store (2316 Second Ave., 1-7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday). “Our whole thing is about supporting local designers and Northwest designers: furniture, crafts, things for the home office and beyond. And design items that come from places that have historically influenced the Northwest: Japan, Scandinavia.”

Also find the cookies at the Frye (best address in town: corner o’ Cherry and Terry). Charlie recently re-curated the store there. “It’s similar to Object with additional influence coming from the permanent collection.” See more of Pollner’s work at aleksandrapollner.com.Object: hereisobject.com. The Frye: fryemuseum.org.

What up in La Conner?

Often overlooked, but never disappointing is the shop at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner. Art treasures wall to wall. “We have some fabulous creative talent in the Northwest, so that helps,” says humble store manager Jacque Chase. (Go) Here, here!, says Goddess.

Exhibits A and B: Whidbey Island resident Teri Jo Summer‘s art for wearing: In this case a flaming scarf, Silk Chiffon with Merino Wool Needle Felting ($125). And pebbles transformed into fine art by Chelsea Jepson: Gray Silk Cord, Gray Banded Beach Stones, Rawhide Ribbon. ($145)

The Museum of Northwest Art, 121 S. First St., La Conner, www.museumofnwart.org. Free gift wrap! And (it’s a museum thing) discounts for members. Nudge, nudge.

Explore Jepson’s work at chelseajepson.com, Summer’s at www.terijosummer.com.

Gotta get glass

The Northwest is the world’s trove of studio-glass treasures. And Vetri, affiliated with the prestigious Traver Gallery in Seattle, makes a point of offering affordable glass art from emerging and fully hatched artists. Such as Jessica Landau‘s flame-worked necklaces: Bacon, Eggs and Toast ($250, others starting at $40) and Mustache ($30 and up). Mustache comes in several styles: the Maitre’d, the Pringle, etc. Eggs also available as cufflinks.

For art you can use every day, Levi Belber‘s Gem Glasses ($32 and $35). Goddess hears that these fly out the door. Collect one at a time or give as a set for a wedding gift. Votives, too.

Also, delightful and creepy-cool is Oliver Doriss’ Baby Head Cup ($45). Rainbow assortment. Imagine them filled with milk.

Find Vetri at 1404 First Ave.; www.vetriglass.com. See more of the artists’ work at www.jessicalandau.com, www.leviglass.com, www.oliverdoriss.com.

Reach out to The Goddess at bteagarden@seattletimes.com. The Goddess is also very Pinteresting. Find her there at http://pinterest.com/rtea/.

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