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Photographer: Hai Nguyen, Seattle

Photo taken: April 25, from Magnolia Bridge, Seattle

Photographer’s description: “After I missed the super moon last year, I continued to chase after that decent moon shot… This time (friends and I) stood on the midsection of the Magnolia Bridge, which made it more difficult to capture the shot due to vibration from passing vehicles. I used a 300mm lens with a X2.0 extender, equivalent to 600mm, on a Nikon D800, and what I ended up doing was bracing the tripod with my hands before pressing the shutter. Overall, definitely worth all of the trials and errors over the year and (this night’s) moonrise was really special.”

Expert says: “Wowza! The photographer’s persistence definitely paid off on this photo. The positioning and timing are both perfect. The exposure with the lurking clouds gives the photo a moody feel that’s extremely nice. The newly repainted top of the Needle makes it a fresh yet timeless photo.”

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— Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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