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Photographer: Frank Melchior, Edmonds

Photo taken: May 3, Steptoe Butte, Palouse Country, Whitman County

Photographer’s description: “Spent the night in Colfax, took the short 10-mile trip up to Steptoe Butte with my Nikon D800 and 300mm f/2,8 lens on a tripod. Shot this at 1/800, f/3.5, ISO 800 around sunset.”

Expert says: “The rainbow of colors in this photo is gorgeous and the lovely light creates a painting-like look. I think the key to this beautiful photo is the time it was taken. We wouldn’t get those shadows, the number of varying colors or the golden light if it wasn’t taken during the golden hour. I really like the wide aperture used because it makes the colors fade off into the distance. Some people might like a smaller aperture so the distant hills are more in focus. Photography is subjective like that. Great photo, nevertheless.”

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— Katie G. Cotterill, Seattle Times photo staff

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