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Photographer: George Ackley, Snoqualmie

Photo taken: July 6, Lopez Island, near Iceberg Point

Photographer’s description: “As four of us left Iceberg Point in the last hour of daylight, the ‘sharp eye’ in the group pointed out the lone eagle, sitting on a branch, far away. Setting up a tripod with my Nikon D3S and 80-400mm lens, I shot this at F5.6, ISO 160 at 1/400 sec.”

Expert says: “This photo initially stuck out to me because of all the layers. I love how the first layer is the black/silhouetted tree and each layer gradually gets lighter as you keep looking deeper into the photo. After my first look, I inspected the photo again and saw the eagle in the tree. His silhouette adds a little extra surprise that I love.”

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— Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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