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Photographer: Patti Chambers, Bay View, Skagit County

Photo taken: Jan. 5, Bay View

Photographer’s description: “I was visiting with a friend who lives a short distance from the entrance to the Padilla Bay Trail near Bay View State Park. Suddenly an eagle flew to a tree a short distance from us. Fortunately, I had my Nikon 5000 in the car with my 70-300mm Nikon lens and was able to get several shots. I really liked how majestic the eagle looked in this shot!”

Expert says: “This is a very stoic eagle photo where the photographer made great use of the rule of thirds. The tree branches fill the ‘dead space’ very well. Tip: Taking a couple big steps to the right might have cleaned up the background so that the tree trunk isn’t coming out of the eagle. Also, it might have put the photographer in a position so that the beautiful light would hit the eagle more fully, at a better angle.”

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— Katie G. Cotterill, Seattle Times photo staff

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