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Photographer: Molly Todd (age 15), Edmonds

Photo taken: May 3, Golden Gardens beach park, Seattle

Photographer’s description: “Taken on a Friday evening just as the sun was setting over the Olympics. A little taste of summer in early May! Used a Canon Rebel EOS T3.”

Expert says: “I love how the sun reflects off the water, and the silhouettes of the people and mountains. The sunburst is what makes this photo, though. Tips to making great sunbursts in your photos: 1. Expose for the sky. Your foreground will most likely be underexposed but you can use a reflector or post-processing to brighten it up a little. 2. Use a small f-stop, a low ISO and a fast shutter speed. This combination is what captures that burst of light. 3. The best time to capture that burst is early or late in the day. 4. Any direct source of light can be a sunburst — from the sun coming through water in underwater photography to light posts on a street or a strobe in portrait photography. Have fun capturing those bursts of light!”

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— Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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