Here are the Times editorial board recommendations for the November 2 election.

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The Seattle Times editorial board offers its recommendations for the 2010 elections. The board is interviewing candidates in selected races for Congress, the state Legislature, the state Supreme Court as well as proponents and opponents of proposed state initiatives.

Oct 25— State Supreme Court

The Times recommends Charlie Wiggins for state Supreme Court

Oct 21— King County Charter Amendment 3

Vote for King County Charter Amendment 3

Oct 18— Initiative 1053

Vote yes on Initiative 1053

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Oct 18— 1st Congressional District

Vote for Jay Inslee in the 1st Congressional District

Oct 17— King County Proposition 1

Vote yes on King County Proposition 1 for public safety

Oct 15— Seattle’s school levy

The Times recommends rejection of Seattle’s school levy

Oct 13— 2nd Congressional District

In the 2nd Congressional District, vote for Rep. Rick Larsen

Oct 12— 8th Congressional District

The Times endorses Suzan DelBene in the 8th Congressional District

Oct 11— Initiative 1098

Don’t Calitaxicate Washington

Oct 10— 1st Legislative District

1st District recommendation: Democrat Stanford, Republican Munson

Oct 8— U.S. Senate

The Times endorses the re-election of Sen. Patty Murray

Oct 7— 47th District

In the 47th District, vote for Fain, Sullivan and Hargrove

Oct 7— 45th Legislative District

Hill, Haistings and Springer in the 45th Legislative District

Oct 6— 31st Legislative District

The Times recommends Hurst in the 31st District

Oct 5— 32nd Legislative District

The Times recommends David Baker, Cindy Ryu and Ruth Kagi

Oct 3— 44th Legislative District

44th Legislative District, vote for McCaughan and Schmidt

Oct 3— 34th Legislative District

Mike Heavey is the choice in the 34th District

Oct 1— Referendum 52

Referendum 52: Vote no on ‘Hans Bonds’

Oct 1— 9th Congressional District

The Times endorses the re-election of Rep. Adam Smith

Sept 30— 48th Legislative District

Diane Tebelius, Deb Eddy endorsed in the 48th District

Sept 29— 48th Legislative District

Re-elect state Sen. Rodney Tom in the 48th Legislative District

Sept 28— 26th Legislative District

Re-elect state Sen. Derek Kilmer

Sept 27— 33rd Legislative District

Re-elect state Sen. Karen Keiser in the 33rd Legislative District

Sept 26— 3rd Congressional District

Denny Heck’s the right choice for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District

Sept 26— Initiative 1082

Approve I-1082 to open workers’ compensation to private competition

Sept 24— Senate Joint Resolution 8225

Support Senate Joint Resolution 8225 regarding the state debt limit

Sept 22— 5th Legislative District

Jay Rodne, Glenn Anderson for state House of Representatives

Sept 21— 41st Legislative District

Litzow, Maxwell and Clibborn for state Legislature in District 41

Sept 19— Initiative 1100

Initiative 1100 best route for Washington state to get out of retail liquor business

Sept 12— Initiative 1107

Voters should reject I-1107 and keep tax increase on candy, water and pop

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