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THE collective shame over Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s postgame comments is not about sportsmanship. It’s about Seattle wanting to be nice.

You want to be on top? Own it.

Seattle could use a little more trash-talking. This city needs some swagger.

Instead of doing a touchdown dance, Seattle would prefer to wring its hands about whether it’s a world-class city. Our Scandinavian founders would probably prefer the Denver quarterback Peyton Manning’s “aw, shucks” to Sherman’s bravado.

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Do you want to be a winner, Seattle?

You better dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

As a member of the editorial board, I engage in thoughtful question and debate. But some issues defy the Socratic method.

I had only one thing to say to 49ers fans at the bar where I watched the NFC Championship Game on Sunday: “You mad, bro?”

I aim to Sherman-ate. It’s time to do some trash-talking.

Other states want to come take our Boeing 777X assembly line? Our state will turn around and wave you off as it sails into the end zone like wide receiver Golden Tate.

You don’t go up against the best riveters in the country and expect to win. Don’t you open your mouth about the best.

I’m making the choking sign at Bertha sitting on its backside under the boardwalk. You were brought here to drill the widest single-bore tunnel ever. You don’t cost the state $2 billion, back up traffic to West Seattle for years and stop drilling for seven weeks because of a rock.

If that rock had been a football, Sherman would have dusted it off like dirt off his shoulder.

Highway 520’s cracked pontoons?


That D.C. city on the other side of the country that thinks it’s the only Washington in the country? Seattle now owns your newspaper.

Region of Boom!

Sharon Pian Chan

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