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Happy rainy Monday. Good reads from the weekend.

Greece votes in party that supports bailout. Europe says “phew.” We did too. Worldwide angst over Greece has sent our own stock market up and down repeatedly this year. Here is our earlier editorial that explains why this vote was so important to Washington state.

Last October, European leaders advanced Greece $169 billion — a huge amount, considering that Greece’s economy is slightly smaller than the state of Washington’s. Now Greece needs more cash to keep up the structure of its debts.

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Rodney King died at 47.

King’s beating by police officers, captured on video tape, sparked one of the nation’s worst race riots 20 years ago in Los Angeles. He’s been on our minds this past year after Seattle police officer shot and killed a Native American wood carver. In another incident, an officer stomped on a Latino robbery suspect and a detective threatened he would “beat the (expletive) Mexican piss out of you.” Our editorial page editor Kate Riley even mentioned King her Sunday column on the upcoming election season.

Wendi Murdoch, wife of embattled media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. The best part about this New York Times story is the frame by frame video of when she leaped to defend her husband from a pie thrower.

I am going to start keeping a tally on how many profiles of Asian Americans reference the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and its author Amy Chua. Hash mark No. 1.

“She was asking for advice like, ‘How do you get a child to practice piano for more than one hour a day?’ ” Ms. Chua recalled of their first meeting. “She parents almost identically to the way I do.”

Father writes about his son’s fight for gay marriage. This was the most moving piece of writing I read all weekend &#8212 from the New York Times’ Modern Love column. It comes in second to Lynne K. Varner’s column honoring the fathers who stepped in.

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