The power of Florida teen Trayvon Martin's death is that more than a month later, calls to bring the shooter to justice are spreading across the globe. Once again, America finds itself in the middle of a frank, and much-need, dialogue about race.

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My latest column examines the power of Trayvon Martin’s death. More than a month after the Florida teenager was shot to death by a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, the chorus for an arrest grows. Demonstrations around the country spurred ones in Canada and England. President Obama, understandably reluctant to talk about race, finally gave in here.

Outrage and calls for justice are moving beyond African Americans. Good. When a boy who turned 17 only weeks before his death is killed on his way home from the candy store, the emotional distance typically reserved for the deaths of black youths is hard to come by. There is now widespread acknowledgement that Trayvon could have been anyone’s son.

Here is my piece from last week about how Martin’s death inspired The Talk in my family – a frank discussion common in many African American families about the perils of racism and racial profiling. I discussed the issue here on KCTS 9 Connects and here on KING 5.

Join me Thursday as the conversation continues.

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