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MOMENTS of terror on the tranquil campus of Seattle Pacific University will heal with the certain knowledge and prayerful gratitude that good people will do the right thing.

Amid the madness of another murderous episode in a culture awash in guns, Jon Meis, a senior working as a building monitor, tackled a gunman as he was reloading his shotgun.

Courage, conscience and sense of duty inspired a physical and mental response that no doubt spared the campus more carnage.

The grievous tally was halted at one dead and two wounded thanks to Meis’ selfless act of bravery.

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The vigorous response of Seattle police and emergency medical crews is another point of pride that helped a community navigate a horrific afternoon.

The epidemic of violence that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray spoke to at the university Thursday afternoon must be confronted with the same courage and determination demonstrated by Meis, a 22-year-old engineering student from Renton.

Sadly these murderous assaults are not isolated. The contagion of gun violence affecting America has a bloody trail from Seattle’s Central District to Isla Vista, Calif., Newtown, Conn., and beyond.

Confronting these lethal, self-indulgent episodes is not easy. Conversations about events from urban drive-by shootings to assaults on college students are confused and fearful.

In the same week that Seattle suffers a double homicide on its streets, and madness flares on a campus, demonstrators in Texas parade into local businesses armed like Boko Haram. Even the National Rifle Association was stunned, until it wimped out and retreated.

No magic cure exists for the ravages and wretched excesses for America’s politically volatile gun culture. Progress will be incremental. Start with universal background checks for all gun sales.

Mindless, whiny excuses for the invocation of violence and the use of weapons to settle perceived personal grievances should be condemned from the town square to the chat room.

Further arming America is the gravest mistake that will no doubt be proposed. Idiots with guns in the pancake house and grocery store represent yet another type of menace to public safety.

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