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Editor’s note: Let’s dispense with New Year’s resolutions and engage in some wishful thinking for Puget Sound and Washington state. Maybe this will serve as inspiration for elected officials and other policy leaders for their own New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few headlines we’d like to see this year:

Washington’s GOP Congress members renounce Grover Norquist pledge

Seahawks win Super Bowl

Boeing and SPEEA sign new contract, avoid strike

This week, save 90% on digital access.

Tea party supports assault-weapons ban

Run on gun safes on eve of tough new state law

Legislature passes sweeping money-saving reforms

Voters approve transportation-improvement package

Human trafficking and teen prostitution eradicated in Washington state

NW Democrats accept entitlement reform as part of deal

U.S. Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage across country

Legislature fully funds basic education from early learning to higher education

High-school dropout rate dwindles

Congress passes Internet sales tax, boon for state

Universities launch students-first, athletes-second academic plan

State Senate coalition gains power as Democrats move to middle

China spurns coal, goes solar

Salmon flourish, price plummets

Obama names Chris Gregoire EPA chief

State unemployment falls below 4 percent donates $1 billion to end homelessness in King County

Tully’s profit soars after McDreamy acquisition; ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ cast hired to staff Seattle stores

Microsoft sells 50 million Surface tablets

Obama administration accepts Washington, Colorado cannabis regulations

TSA to stop X-raying travelers’ shoes

Last battalion of U.S. troops leaves Afghanistan

Congress adopts amendment calling for two-thirds vote of both houses for war

Obama appoints Gene Kimmelman FCC chair

Hanford cleanup back on track and under budget

Group builds Eastside basketball arena after EIS declares Sodo proposal DOA

Bigfoot caught photographing hikers

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